Acceptance Notices

AU sent notices that acceptances will be mailed the week of March 16th (tomorrow). And everyone should have their decision by 3/24.

Has anyone heard? I got an email saying I was accepted to the school, but my admissions packet still hasn’t come with my MT decision!

My D got the strangest package today. She is accepted for the Spring of 2016 and invited to join the Washington Mentorship Program or the Mentorship Program in Greece the fall Semester of 2015.

In the second page it states that her major is Musical Theatre. BTW she has not auditioned. It is very bizarre.

Good luck @HannieMT‌

Could be wrong, But I didnt think artistic decisions have been made yet. Just academic. I think they just put your choice of major on the academic acceptance until the Performing Arts Dept. makes their decision.
Belmont did the same thing. A couple days before our rejection they changed the major from MT to undecided.

@pghmusician‌ When I auditioned they said that if you were accepted to the program, the admissions letter would say you were accepted as an MT major. Don’t know if that helps!

@hannieMT I got that from someone who posted on the sharing /venting thread.

American my admissions letter again, and I received my academic acceptance yesterday and my MT acceptance today!

@HannieMT did your acceptance to the MT program list it specifically as Musical Theatre or Theatre Arts?

@PsychDancer7352‌ The letter referred specifically to the musical theatre program!

Our mail carrier must’ve walked from DC. MT offer just came yesterday.