Acceptance Notification

Does anyone know when University of Hartford begins notifying admissions decisions. I know they are on rolling admissions, but I dont believe they start notifying right away. Anyone know when they typically start?

My daughter just got in via an email tonight! They said she will receive something in the mail this week.

Congrats! My daughter just did as well! Thanks!

@jul247 has your daughter received her packet in the mail yet? We’re still waiting, but not in the northeast so wondering if our mail is just slower.

@handlmom No, she hasn’t! So funny because I was thinking of asking you the same since the email said by the end of this week. I guess they are behind a little and we can hope for it early next week.

@jul247 still no packet here! What about you? My daughter called yesterday and they told her some went out last week and some this week…hopefully soon!

@handlmom Still none here either! We are in New Jersey, how about you? I hope they come soon!

@jul247 We’re in Georgia, so it probably will take an extra day to get here. Maybe by the weekend?! A lot of waiting–hopefully it will all be worth it with some good merit money.

@handlmom finally got the letter… it was worth waiting for Hope your daughter got hers as well :slight_smile:

@jul247 yes! Got ours as well! Definitely worth the wait! Where else is your daughter looking?

@handlmom she is all over the place lol- High Point-Quinnipiac-Rowan-Already got into Michigan State and West Virginia- also applied to Penn State because her siblings go there. She really liked Hartford though- how about your daughter?

@jul247 Looks like she will have lots of choices. My daughter only applied to Hartford and Goucher, but pretty set on Hartford now.