Acceptance.... Now What?

<p>I got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday and was hoping to get a scholarship notification as well (since in the past and according to my adcom they are usually mailed together) but didn't receive anything. There was a note on the letter that said they'd be coming in the next week or two. </p>

<p>So my question is, for those who were accepted this year, did anyone or has anyone received Any notification of the scholarship/fellowship type?</p>

<p>You won't get it for another week or two. I was accepted last year and didn't receive the notification until a week or two later and still receieved a nice scholarship. Only those who are potential Bellingrath scholars received any indication of scholar money. And those who were considered for music scholarships. </p>

<p>But basically, just wait it out a week or two. And I hope you come to Rhodes!! You'll love it.</p>

<p>Alright thanks! I really want to go to Rhodes and when I didn't see a scholarship I got really nervous.
If you don't mind me asking, what scholarship/fellowship did you get?</p>

<p>My friend spoke with an adcom and she said that the scholarships go in the mail friday. So I guess today. WOO!</p>

<p>Good luck to everybody!</p>

<p>@ curmudgeon... Could you please help me out with this since you're a senior member and know so much about rhodes college..!!!!</p>

<p>I just got my acceptance letter from Rhodes College and I'm really excited! Rhodes has always been so high on my list because of its beautiful campus and supportive faculty! Also, I love Memphis city! </p>

<p>Still, I had a few questions on my mind,</p>

<li><p>Career prospect. Attending a college in US, I'm really looking forward to college that will benefit me in the long-run. So, what are the opportunities available to students? Internships? Job prospect after graduation?</p></li>
<li><p>Fitting in. I want to be part of a student body that is friendly, caring and cozy. I think, this is the most important thing that helps new students adjust to a different environment. Apart from this, I would really like to know what the social scene at Rhodes is really like? Whats do students most enjoy doing etc etc?</p></li>
<li><p>Reputation. how well is Rhodes College regarded over the country?</p></li>

<p>I'd really appreciate any input over the subject.
I eagerly look forward to your response.</p>

<p>@ krakenjack: Aren't these the same questions I posted in the other thread? Anyway, I'm sure curmudgeon have seen them there as well. :) I'd really appreciate it if he answers them there, not here. :D</p>

<p>@ talha_adnan...</p>

<p>I heard that you didn't even get accepted :p ..... is it true..?</p>

<p>does any know if they've sent all the acceptance emails?
I haven't received any email of admission or rejection, which makes me anxious all these days</p>

<p>Hi all! I'm currently a senior at Rhodes so of course I'm biased, but...Rhodes is very highly regarded in Memphis and the midsouth, although if you get too far outside of this region people are not as familiar with this gem of a liberal arts college. The good news is that there are many job prospects open to Rhodes students around Memphis. At Rhodes, internship opportunities are encouraged and many of them do appear to lead to jobs. There are also several large companies based in Memphis that take on Rhodes interns and later employees, such as FedEx, International Paper and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital just to name a few. </p>

<p>As for the social scene/students at Rhodes, again I am biased because I LOVE Rhodes but I have had such a good experience with the students and the faculty here. Everyone is very friendly, parties are inclusive, and there are very few cliques. The campus provides a great environment for meeting new people--due to its smaller size you almost always cross paths with the same people that share a similar schedule to you. What makes Rhodes special though is that the people you meet while walking to and from class/lunch/etc. take the initiative to become more of a friend than an aquaintance. Rhodes is a very tight knit community--many students look forward to Rites of Spring (next weekend!) which is a music festival on campus that is so fun! Students also like to go to bus parties that take groups of students to an off campus location but many also attend parties at the fraternity houses on campus, which is convenient. On a typical weekday you will find many students stationed in our beautiful new library and than at the Lynx lair pub later on that evening. There are also several outstanding restaurants in midtown where you can almost always find a few fellow Rhodies. In addition, Beale street/downtown is a popular hangout on the weekend. A surprising social scene is the Rhodes gym and PE classes.</p>

<p>Rhodes is a fantastic school. And Memphis is a wonderful city. Good luck to you and congrats! BTW, if you're going for med school, they have a great acceptance rate! If not, just a great school all around. Beautiful campus, friendly people. Great medical section down by the gorgeous Mississippi. And there's FEDEX, too. Also, I think AutoZone is big there. They sponsor the local baseball team. Got to go to a Redbirds game. The ballpark is awesome. Oh, and the food, amazing. And the campus of Rhodes is not in a dangerous part of the city, so don't be concerned about that. Good luck!</p>

<p>@ koveracre and Montegut.....thankyou so much you guys..!! this is the kind of response i was looking forward to... As an international student my biggest concern is the career prospect, Im not too sure if Rhodes would be the right option....btw my intended major is Economics...Is Rhodes College known for its economics and business majors..??</p>

<p>@ givoltage....yup they've pretty much sent all of their decisions except the financial aid info...</p>

<p>i've received an email from gibson saying that i have to gather some additional funds
my family contribution just seems too low</p>

<p>@ givoltage...So you'll only be accepted if you gather more funds, right?</p>

<p>My brother is having a tough time-accepted to Rhodes, Sewanee, Furman, Elon-loves them all-changes his mind every day(depends on who emails or calls him last so far). Although he can't really go wrong with any of them, it is a tough decision!</p>

<p>@krakenjack ye, really tough
i also asked him if i can get an on-campus job</p>

<p>Well, Im already accepted but I have no Idea wether or not I'll get any financial aid..!!!</p>

<p>just wait for the postal mail package. the amount of fa offered to you should be enclosed inside together with your acceptance letter
i guess you can get 24k or so</p>

<p>Hi Krakenjack,</p>

<p>My boyfriend (graduating this year) and several of my roommates/close friends are econ/business majors and have the most amazing jobs lined up! They are truly so prepared for the workforce and have all received very lucrative offers from some of the most prestigious firms and companies in this region. Although I am an English/Art History major and have not taken any business classes, I have heard very good things about the professors--they seem to really connect with the students on a personal level and be actively involved in the business world--they definitely stay current. Also, many of them are known around campus as being some of the most challenging professors, but also the most humorous--always a plus. I really would not worry about find a successful career after graduating from Rhodes with any major, but especially a Business/Econ major! Best wishes,

<p>Hubbell, those are great choices. What does he want to study? Does city life/opportunities play a role at all? For example, St.Jude's and "the Med" made a big difference to my D in deciding between her urban and not-so-urban choices.</p>