Acceptance Package Arrived Today

<p>My daughter received her acceptance package in the mail today. She received 3K in merit aid, plus some loan offers. She is considering it, although UMD is currently her first choice.</p>

<p>Congrats! We are still waiting for our son's pkg. I expect it will come on Monday.</p>

<p>My daughter received her acceptance package on Saturday (we live in Maryland). I was a bit taken aback that she wasn't offered any merit aid, but regardless, she's going to be attending UMCP.</p>

<p>8500/year in merit... generous amount but doesn't look like son will end up there.</p>

<p>Where is your son headed? My daughter is leaning heavily towards Maryland, but she is thinking about SMCM as a possibility. She is going to both accepted student days. Bryn Mawr is still in the mix as well. UMBC gave her the most merit aid though.</p>

<p>Not sure yet. We are down to 4 schools where he can go without borrowing money - CP, Pitt, UMBC, and SMCM. Other schools he applied are either reject, waitlisted, or too expensive. Our approach is to make sure he doesn't borrow money for undergraduate b/c, most likely, he will need the money for his post college education. If he gets Pitt's Chancellor's, most likely he will end up at Pitt. If he doesn't, most likely he will end up at CP (Gemstone). Like your D, UMBC gave the most amount - 18k/year (basically full ride) -so we are going to take a look at it. His mom wants to keep him close (i.e., CP), I like what I am hearing about Pitt. He tells me he has no preferrence. So, we still have a lot to digest before May 1. Good luck to your D.</p>

<p>Wow, lots in common here. My daughter got into CP, Pitt, UMBC, and SMCM as well. She did not get any money out of Pitt though, so that took them out of the running. My daughter is in Gemstone as well. She is looking at premed. I think all of the schools above are solid choices.</p>

<p>Indeed... My son will be Bio major (premed track)... They may run into each other this Fall. </p>

<p>The only reason we are looking at Pitt is because they offered him full tuition scholarship. He has an interview next week for possible full ride but I seriously doubt he will get it. Otherwise, we wouldn't consider paying OOS tuition for Pitt. It will come down to either Pitt or CP is my expectation. </p>

<p>Between S1 applying to grad school and S2's college search, it's been a crazy year. I am glad it's almost over...</p>

<p>before you discount UMBC -- look at their undergraduate research opportunities (amazing). If you kids are considering graduate school/pre-med -- undergraduate research is key on their resume.</p>

<p>Article about UMBC undergrad research in the Baltimore Sun today. Exciting stuff going on there.</p>