Acceptance Packages?

<p>Has anyone received their acceptance package yet? They are supposed to come but I have not gotten it yet. </p>

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<p>I was wondering this too. I've checked my mail each day expecting something there and have been disappointed each day this week ha. Maybe tomorrow...</p>

<p>i wouldnt doubt if they waited until after break to send the packages out.. they are still sending out decisions at this point and that is their first priority.</p>

<p>U of M Undergraduate Admissions Facebook page states they will be mailed by Friday, Dec. 23rd. That is the last day they work before Christmas break.</p>

<p>From Facebook:
Got accepted into LSA for 2012! Just wondering, when do the official admissions letters get sent out? So excited! GO BLUE!
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<p>University of Michigan Admissions They'll all be sent out by the 23rd. Congratulations!</p>

<p>What do the packages contain?</p>

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<p>I got mine in the mail today. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>^really? What was in it? I got my email Friday and I haven't gotten anything in the mail...</p>

<p>I just got my email today, does that mean I'll be getting my acceptance package later than those that got their emails earlier?</p>

<p>I received my email on Friday December 16; my acceptance package came in two days ago. (In-State)</p>

<p>I'm in-state too but I've yet to get anything :/</p>

<p>In it is a congratulatory letter, a pamphlet on campus day, and a pamphlet on learning communities, along with important dates to remember for housing, financial aid, etc.</p>

<p>Basically the same letter as the email and then a folder with some more info.</p>