Acceptance Rate at AEM?

<p>Anyone know the acceptance rate? Also, how much of a boost will ED give you? Thanks.</p>

<p>It was 14.7% last year. I'm sure it dropped, considering it's now #4 on the US News list. I think I read somewhere this years acceptance was ~10%.</p>

<p>So how does getting into AEM work? I know its in the agricultural school, so do you specifically apply to the AEM program? Cause it would kinda suck to like apply hoping to get into AEM and having to study like farming techniques( I know thats an exaggeration by the way).</p>

<p>You apply to CALS and indicate AEM as the program you would like to apply to.</p>

<p>You can find the CALS graduation requirements here:</p>

<p>CALS</a> Registrar: CALS College Distribution Requirements</p>

<p>Its 11.6% this year. And i know cuz it said so on my letter</p>

<p>You apply to a major at CALS, and are compared to people who apply to the same major. So... you could apply to CALS-AEM and have another college at cornell as your second choice, and if you don't get into AEM (and don't want to do any other majors at the ag school), you could get into another college.</p>

<p>but keep in mind that whether or not you even get considered for your second choice is at the discretion of the admissions at ur primary choice</p>

<p>What if you're applying could you get rejected from your first choice early....and then be binded to going to cornell anyway---just to your 2nd-choice school?</p>

<p>When you apply to Cornell, you chose a school and then a major within that school. You can also choose a 2nd choice school and major if you want. You would apply to CALS with AEM as the major. The name of the school is Agriculture and Life Sciences, it doesn't mean you have to study farming. There are 24 majors at CALS - one of them is Ag Science. It's ignorant to assume that you'd have to study Agriculuture.</p>

<p>anyone know the answer to my question?</p>

<p>I don't know the exact answer...but I assume you would be bound even if accepted at your 2nd choice college.</p>

<p>However...given the relatively short time frame in which the adcoms have to make a decision, I find it unlikely that your application would have enough time to be thoroughly reviewed by 2 colleges.</p>

<p>If you apply primary/alternate you are bound to the ED contract - so don't apply to a 2nd choice college if you aren't sure. </p>

<p>From Cornell's website:

If I am admitted to my alternate choice college during early decision, is it a binding commitment? </p>

<p>Yes. The early decision binding commitment applies to both the primary and alternate choice colleges you have designated.</p>

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<p>^^thanks for that info!</p>

<p>You're welcome. I've read some recent posts and noticed that you had a recent graduation! Congratulations - I heard it was a spectacular weekend.</p>

<p>ughh that sucks. thanks for info though, i never saw that when i was on the cornell site.</p>

<p>tnb19, why would you apply for a second choice when you dont want to go in that major.</p>

<p>my second choice would be econ, and while i do want to study that, i would want to compare cornell econ with econ programs in the other schools i got into. It wouldn't be a sure decision like AEM.</p>

<p>What college at Cornell carries the highest transfer rate? I am assuming the College of Arts and Sciences? I dream (long shot) of transferring to Cornell and I'm thinking to apply as an economics major. </p>

<p>Anyone have AEM versus AS statistics?</p>

<p>I believe CAS has the lowest acceptance percentage of all 7 ugrad colleges (something like 18% IIRC). AEM as a major may be lower than CAS though, but CALS overall has a higher percentage. It is hard to know for sure the true external transfer acceptance rate though as the guaranteed transfers are mixed in with them. I believe the majority of the contract colleges transfers are GT's and not external, so the acceptance numbers are extremely inflated.</p>

<p>^wait, that transfer chart included internal transfers too? Also GTs?</p>