Acceptance Rate for ED II

<p>Does anyone know what it is? I'm seriously considering applying, but would like to know this first. Thanks.</p>

<p>According to last year's entering stats... it's about 30.6%, which is only slightly higher than RD's.</p>

<p>Admission</a> Profile, 2011 Entering Class</p>

Applied: 678
Accepted: 352
Enrolled: 329
Applied: 726
Accepted: 222
Enrolled: 202</p>

<p>EDI's acceptance rate is about 52% though...</p>

<p>RD is about a 26.7% acceptance rate</p>

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<p>is it really that much harder to get in ED II than ED I?</p>

<p>Not sure about that, but by the stats, getting in EDII seems a lot closer to getting in RD's level than EDI.</p>

<p>of course ED II will be harder since majority of people who's applying ED II are people who's been denied from their ED I decision. (mostly not all)
And colleges know that =P</p>

<p>What if you submitted your app in late November before any E.D. Decisions could come out and Emory is your number one choice. My guidance counselor didn't nominate the Emory scholars until after the E.D. I deadline so I had to apply EDII. Will Emory know its my absolute first choice?</p>

<p>bump... I'm kinda nervous now.</p>

<p>GeorgiaBoi, I don't know. You could've have sent in a note/made a phone call to ask to be considered ED1. But, I think decisions are out now, so that's not an option.</p>

<p>Now, there's no way you can tell the school (in my opinion) without sounding like someone who is trying to take advantage of the admission rate from ED1 and who is desperate and needy. So, I'm thinking you'll have to wait and hope for the best.</p>

<p>And stay positive because it's not like applying ED2 guarantees you a rejection letter! I wish you luck!</p>

<p>I appreciate the response but you didn't totally answer my question. Let me re phrase it. I was wondering if Emory will understand that I have them as my first choice and not as second from someone who was deffered from an ED 1 school because of the date I submitted my app (November 14). And if they note that it is for sure my first choice will that have any weight when being reviewed? Thanks I'm just obsessing and it's not healthy lol</p>

<p>I don't think they'll notice. They probably have a lot on their minds and won't be looking too closely at the date an application was submitted when evaluating applicants.
But, as I said before, there's nothing you can do about it, and it doesn't mean you'll be rejected, so don't worry aobut it.</p>