Acceptance Rate for OOS?

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<p>Does anyone know the acceptance rate for an out of state resident? I recently got wait-listed and am just curious...</p>

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<p>The numbers indicate the rate to be somewhere in the 17-19% range.</p>

<p>40%, if you're a legacy oos.</p>

<p>^^^That's because they throw you in with the IS pool if you're a legacy.</p>

<p>OOS admissions rate is 18%, excluding legacies.</p>

<p>according to what unc admissions told the hs counselor at a local school:</p>

<p>1200 waitlisted
600 is 600 oos
waitlist is not ranked until it is determined how many and who is on it. they say that it is usually 1/2 of the waitlisted that decide to be on the list.
once that has been figured out, the waitlist becomes ranked. the 82/18 ration has to remain even on the waitlist. so for an oos app waitlisted it could be very little chance of getting off the waitlist. I am assuming that movement on the waitlist will largely depend on who needs fa and who gets it. since an is student not accepting admission won't help, only oos that decide to not come will cause movement. </p>

<p>Big Question: do you think the waitlist goes a bit against poor or students that don't have the extra money to afford this? If you pay a deposit to a school and put the deposit down on a dorm room then that could be over 1000 that you would lose if you then got off the waitlist. if you don't have extra money i guess you are screwed.</p>

<p>Thanks guys for the answers!</p>

<p>carnut: interesting info, is that 1200 wl for this year? Or is that how many actually accept a place on the waitlist?</p>

<p>Most poor students would have aid packages at each school allowing them to waive deposits therefore no loss to them. At least--this assumes that they filed their fafsa/css in a timely manner. I believe there is a place to say you are a financial aid or scholarship recipient (or expected) and therefore request a waiver. I would assume most state U's are likethat. if you applied to privates, i couldnot tell you.</p>

<p>carnut: students who expect to receive financial aid or scholarshps that will cover all or most of their fees may waive deposits.</p>

<p>I have read that OOS legacies are considered IS. Does anyone have that information from admissions dept. or is it based upon the stats?</p>

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<p>This is what admissions says:</p>

For alumni children from out of state, this factor plays a more significant role. These students will have a slight competitive edge over students from out of state who are not children of alumni.



<p>the numbers are what was quoted. I thought that last year there were 1000 on the waitlist but i don't know for sure. but the hs counselor where we all went to school said that this is what unc told her. she also said that they rank the wl after they get the decisions on whether to stay on it and obviously it depends on where you are on the waitlist as to whether you even have a shot. but here is the kicker for us, all of it depends on this: if say.. of the 600 oos wl kids, all stay on the list then the chances are so slim. Only 18 we accepted to begin with and what are the odds of more than a few decide not to come? Of course, in a way, it might be better for the oos than the in cause in pays much less and if accepted probably would go. But th oos, if accepted, probalby got into other equally good schools too and might opt to not go? again, you might win the lottery. oh and the real question is do they tell you where you are on the waitlist? cause if you are 489 or 599 who would bother waiting? and if they don't tell you then that is really putting you in a terrible position if you actually "wait".</p>

<p>sorry...another thing. you mean a kid can go ahead and commit to college 2 while waiting for college 1 (unc) and not have to pay deposits and then screw that school over if he gets of the wl for college 1? that really seems wrong. so college 2 just lost the revenue from the kid and he had no investment and there is no penalty? then college 1 gives him a free ride too.</p>

<p>wow, sorry but that is messed up.</p>

that kid commits to collge two, submits the dposit, gets off wl at college one, loses deposit at college two, and college two takes one more kid off their waitlist</p>