Acceptance rate for Tanglewood and Interlochen

Does anyone know what’s the acceptance rate of Tanglewood and Interlochen?
How hard is it to get into those programs like stats? If I were to put a number of students applied and the number got selected?

Alumni of those programs that applied to colleges, where would you list them on common app and UC apps?

I have no information on acceptance rates, but I would put them in one/two of the ten activities slots on the common app. If you don’t have any room under activities, then you can list them under additional information.

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I don’t know about Interlochen, but I can tell you that Tanglewood is very competitive.

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They are both competitive. If you have done either, I would list them.


Thank you, all. Any idea how many applications they receive? Say like 400, 500 every year?

Any music adcom will be familiar with both of these summer programs and how competitive they are for HS students.

Why do you need to know more?

And really…more depends on the number of seats for your instrument. There are far less bassoon players accepted than violin players for the orchestra.

But really…if you put that you were in the Young Artists Orchestra, adcoms will know what that means.

This is mostly for the non music schools with no art supplement application. They seem to care about the acceptance rate and if not, how many apply

What school asks for the acceptance rate for these programs!

Let me DM you.

Perhaps someone has a better suggestion, but I would imagine your private teacher at these two programs would be able to give you an approximate acceptance rate…at least for their instrument.

@compmom your thoughts?

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Not sure this is helpful but acceptance rate may also depend on the year. This past year the numbers may be very different than usual. Do schools really not know these programs and how competitive they are?

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Yes, California schools. They typically do not get many applications with music as an extracurricular activity.

Are you also sending in a music supplement? Do CA public schools even accept these?

I think you are way underestimating what the adcoms know…and maybe over estimating how much this will help you in admissions.

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UCs do not take an art supplement.

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Were you in the Young Artists Wind ensemble or orchestra at BUTI or did you do your instrument workshop? That makes a difference.

Really, just list what you did, and where. The adcoms will figure it out.

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Actually, I am the parent of S22. Got selected to both, but attended the orchestra since the instrument workshop had a conflict with Killington festival. and overlapped with the last few days of Interlochen. In the end, Killington ended up cancelling their online festival.

In what way does it make a difference?

The workshops are very easy to get into at BUTI. The ensembles are much more competitive. That’s the difference. Students attending the ensembles for the first time…often suggested they do the workshops first.

I still say…just have your kid list these as activities. The adcoms will figure it out. And I disagree with your comment about CA schools not getting applications from kids with active music ECs. Plenty of kids have these ECs.

I honestly believe that BUTI and Interlochen will be recognizable by adcoms.

And I also think you are overestimating how this will affect admissions for a student who doesn’t plan to major in music.

Bottom line, is both Interlochen and BUTI will show a commitment to music in the summer.


Huh, interesting. Ensembles are competitive, I guess.

While I agree with kids with music as EC, very few in state pursue them to the BUTI, Interlochen level. We are in state for UCs. it just is not the state’s vibe, at least in northern California.

Perhaps you are right, these will not make a whole lot of difference to a non-music application. Thank you for the feedback, it is definitely helpful.

I’m not saying this isn’t a wonderful accomplishment for your kid. What I’m saying is…list it. I really think you are underestimating how much adcoms know about these programs.

And congratulations to your kiddo for these accomplishments, and I hope he continues to play his instrument(s). My DD is 33 and still plays hers!


I don’t think it matters whether your son plans to major in music or not. We advise music supplements, in other situations, regardless of intended major. List these summer programs and I do think it can make a difference. Not as much at UC’s since admissions is less holistic, l but still very much worth listing, and yes, the adcoms will know these programs.