Acceptance Rate This Year

<p>I'm really confused. I got deferred from UM today, and I was just looking at some statistics. Collegeboard/The Fiske Guide said that the acceptance rate for UM was around 50%, but in their deferral page (Information</a> for Deferred Students | University of Michigan Office of Admissions), they said "we expect to receive over 40,000 applications for an enrolling freshman class of about 5,700 students". That's a 15% acceptance rate which (after considering an enrollment rate of 50%), means their applications must have DOUBLED in one year. Is the stat on the website a mistake?</p>

<p>Those who are accepted and those who enroll are a little different I think.</p>

<p>Yeah but the Fiske guide also says they got around 25000 applications. Could applications really have risen to 40000 in just one year?</p>

<p>You are making several inccorect assumptions:</p>

<li><p>Michigan's acceptance rate last year was 40% (16,000 admitted out of 39,500 applicants), not 50%. The 50% figure is two years old. Fiske's aplicant number of 25,000 is 4-5 years old. Michigan had 31,000 in 2009-2010 and 39,000 in 2010-2011. For the current applicant cycle (2011-2012), expect 46,000 applicants. That's what happens when a university joins the common application. </p></li>
<li><p>This year, Michigan will enroll approximately 5,700 freshmen (more like 6,300-6,500 knowing Michigan's reluctance to disobay Lansing). In order to matriculate that many freshmen, Michigan will likely admit 16,000-17,000 students. </p></li>

<p>This year, Michigan is expecting well over 40,000 applicants (I am estimating 46,000). 16,000-17,000 acceptances out of 46,000 applicants signifies ~35% acceptance rate. </p>

<p>It is important to remember that Michigan has a pretty strong applicant pool to choose from. Lat year, the mid 50% GPA for admitted (not enrolled) students is 3.8-4.0 and the mid 50% SAT/ACT range for admitted students is 2000-2200 / 29-33. You can expect those stats to leap once more this year.</p>

<p>The UoM chancellor was quoted as saying they expected 45,000 applications. Now this would be up 6K+ from 2011 of 38K+. LY, UM had roughly <11K in state applications and thus 27K+ OOS. Expect only a small bump of in state applications, say an extra 1k to 12K total. That would mean an additonal 5K OOS to say 32K. Working all the numbers backwards, I expect UM to have an instate acceptance rate of 50%+ but only an OOS rate of around 30%. Calculate that close to 70% in-state end up enrolling but only 25% of OOS.</p>

<p>last year it was 39% acceptance rate. this year it is expected to be even lower.</p>

<p>39% is the average but everyone on this post really wants to know the rate broken down between instate and oos.</p>

Yeah but the Fiske guide also says they got around 25000 applications.


You have a very old copy of Fiske guide. The last time Michigan has around 25,000 applications was 2006 (25,806). It was 31,613 in 2010 and 38,976 last year.</p>