Acceptance Rate

Can someone tell me what the acceptance rate is for US students at McGill. I know their overall is around 44% but I believe that is for Canadian, International and US. Based on the 2019 info on their website, it seems that the U.S. rate is around 4%. Is that correct?

I believe that 4% is a typo.

Here are the latest admissions stats. Undergraduate acceptance rate is 45% for Fall, 2019 with a 42% yield rate.

There once was an incredibly detailed report on their website that broke down the acceptance rates by province, state and country. I can’t find di it now. If I remember correctly the American acceptance rate was a couple percentage points lower than the overall rate.

Given that only American students submit SAT/ACT scores there is no common denominator to judge is admission is more or less competitive among countries.

Thank you so much. I appreciate all your insight and information.

It also depends on what you want to major in. I don’t know much about McGill, but I know its humanities and physics departments are very well-renowned, so those acceptance rates may be a bit more competitive.

Acceptance is by Faculty and the minima definitely differ by Faculty. Here is the link for US:

Traditionally Desautels (Commerce) and Science have the highest minima.

McGill’s acceptance rate is pretty high because you know the GPA, grades, and scores that are required. I like the transparency of the process.

does any one know which would be more competitive- ARTS and Science for Sustainability, or the sustainability program under the faculty of management?

Desautels/Management is the more selective. You can apply to both programs on the same application.

being test optional, how likely would a us student get in with a 4.0 and 7 AP courses…? I guess I just wonder what else they will look at for 2021

4.0 unweighted?

sorry I didn’t see your response until now. yes she has a 4.0 unweighted, and 8 AP courses with all 5’s and one 4. But is applying test optional. Hope that’s enough for her to get, she is a US high school student, dual citizen. Any insight you have would be great.

I think the 4.0 plus APs will help. Have other students from her school gone to McGill? I think it helps when they know the HS. That said, the grades plus the APs show she is a strong candidate.