Acceptance rate

<p>I know that statistics can't determine whether or not anyone will get in, but I'm still curious as to how many were admitted early last year, class of 2004. I found these stats at uncle ezra cornell site for 2003.</p>

<p>In 2003, Cornell received 20,441 applications for the class of 2007 (1,709 early decision, 18,732 regular decision). Of that pool, 6,344 students were accepted (1,127 early, 5,207 regular) and 3,202 declared their intent to enroll at Cornell.</p>

<p>66% early? that is crazy!</p>

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<p>who told you it was 66% were accepted early? i'm not saying that you're lying or anything that just sounds extrememly high especially for a school like cornell. On the website it says 1,120 were accepted out of 2546 (about 44%)....</p>

<p>Do they have acceptance rates for New York applicants on their website anywhere?</p>

<p>Do New York applicants get preference, even in the schools that are not state funded?</p>

<p>no. only the state-funded schools give ny state resident SLIGHT preference</p>