Acceptance Rates and Waitlist

<p>So yeah, I received my letter today(actually, my dad opened it b4 i got to read it). I got waitlisted :(. Anyway, it says that 22,000+ ppl applied this year for a class of 1350. That is just over a 6% aceptance rate. Doesn't that seem extremely low. Last year, I thought it was around 20%. Also, does anyone have any info about being wl at washu. Their letter is extremely vague i.e "How many students have been admitted from the wl in previous years" "History can't help us predict a given year's needs. In past years, we've experienced almost every situation imaginable..." "Where do I rank on the wl?" "No one on the wl has an actual rank. If space is ava., we have to dtrmn what "kind" of space it is." WU is my top choice school and I would like to know how to improve my chances.</p>

<p>If I am not mistaken, 1350 is the number of students who enroll, not the number of students who are accepted.</p>

<p>steven: check out some of the other Wash U threads so you can see some of the waitlist stuff; previous years are key....they overenrolled two years ago and will use the waitlist to avoid that again..</p>

<p>In terms of 22,000 for 1350 spots...Wash U has a 30% yield on average; that means they probably accepted b/t 15%-20% of the 22,000 and probably on the low end to achieve a 1350 class......</p>

<p>They are right to say they have to determine what "kind" of space it is. Did a NE female decline admission? a URM? an Olin admit? Wash U is very aware of the composition of the class they want....the waitlist acceptances will follow that.....</p>