Acceptance Rates for M.Arch I vs. M.Arch II

<p>Are the acceptance rates for M.Arch II more notorious than M. Arch I?
I heard around 20% for M.Arch I and 5% for M.Arch II for GSD.
But I do not know to what extent that statement holds validity.</p>

<p>GSD strongly prefers applicants to go through the 3-year M.Arch 1 process, even if you have a B.Arch 5-year degree program. If you want to attend GSD you should apply for M.Arch program for the easier admissions criteria.</p>

<p>is that possible? to do m.arch i after b.arch?</p>

<p>Typically if you go back for your Masters degree with a BArch you enter into a post-professional degree program which is usually a three semester program which gets you an MS Architecture degree.</p>


<p>It's absolutely possible to obtain a 5-year B.Arch degree, then apply to the M.Arch 1 program at Harvard's GSD to significantly increase your odds of acceptance. Hopefully, you'll also have a better portfolio and a better understanding of the studio system. You won't get penalized for the extra year of undergrad education.</p>