Acceptance rates

<h1>2 son is applying but is waffling between math & econ - anyone known if there is much difference in the acceptance rates of A & S vs Olin?</h1>

<p>Also, #1 son attends Wash U and is receiving a substantial need based aid package. Considering Wash U is not need blind is this likely to be a negative for #2?</p>

<p>Acceptance rates are the same across all schools - would be pointless if one school had a higher rate because switching schools is as simple as an email.</p>

<p>Second question is harder to answer...I'd assume that having a sibling at Wash U would more than makeup for the negative based on finances.</p>

<p>Side note...real Econ is in ArtSci as well, not Olin. Olin has "Managerial Economics", but traditional economics found at most schools is in ArtSci.</p>

<p>FWIW I did triple major between CS. Math, and Econ. He can easily pull off doing Math and Econ if he wants to.</p>

<p>Thank you for the info.</p>