Acceptance Rates?

<p>Is there a resource (i.e. website) that lists the acceptance rates for Pre-med students in universities?</p>

<p>I want to compare the acceptance rates of the different colleges I'm interested in...obviously, I might re-consider a school if its acceptance rates into medical schools is like 5%.</p>

<p>Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)</p>

<p>No comprehensive database exists. Many schools hide their numbers until time comes to recruit students who have already been admitted. Numbers as given are unreliable. Even reliable numbers do not tell you very much.</p>

<p>If you insisted on picking a college purely for medical school admissions -- a proposition I think is silly -- then the best numbers to use would not be these at all. In my opinion, the best numbers would be an average GPA and MCAT score for ALL premedical students who take the MCAT and then an average GPA and MCAT score for premeds who are admitted to medical school.</p>

<p>This information is NEVER available. However, sometimes they will let you see the GPA/MCATs for kids who applied.</p>