Acceptance rates

<p>does anybody know what the acceptance rate is for international students into med schools in the US? i'm going to be going to mcgill for my undergraduate degree and i hope to get back to the US for med. is it a lot more competitive for int'l students? also, is it a good idea to skip the intro science courses because of AP credits? is it hard to review the stuff on the MCAT's without repeating the courses?</p>

<p>up up... i want to know the same, i am a chinese who might go to u. of toronto and wanna get back to US for med. grad.
UP UP>>>
crazy chai, u US citizen??? I am not...</p>

<p>and by the way, u r post is in the wrong place, i think. 159 posts, u should know better than that :P!</p>

<p>no i'm not a us citizen! my family's applied for greencards and it's been like 1.5 years. wrong place? hmm?</p>

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<p>The AAMC has a lot of useful information on their website. The above link shows a broad range of stats. Hope it helps.</p>