Acceptance revoking

<p>I recieved an awful letter that says that since my performance declined in two classes in the spring semester of high school that Tufts is re-evaluating my application to see if I will still be admitted. They said they welcome a letter with an explanation which i sent already of course, just wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with this? Also if they do revoke my acceptance then what? Thers no colleges that will still accept my application now. Panicking, please help thanks.</p>

<p>, their inquiry letter is seeking input from you as to your explanation for the decline in performance. Can you look at this as a 'third person" and develop an explanation? They want reassurance that you take your studies seriously-and have the ability to handle their courseloads. You know you have the ability-now prove it.</p>

<p>So you think if my letter is reassuring it will all pan out?</p>

<p>If you have a good explanation, make it good. Ask your counselor to write a letter on your behalf as well. Don't forget to be apologetic (I'm sure they'll understand if you made mistakes) and to reiterate your reasons for coming to Tufts.</p>

<p>How significantly did your grades drop? I know that in BC Calc I went down to a C, but I reasoned that they couldn't accuse me of slacking off as a second-semester senior because hey, integral calc subject matter was way harder to me than differential.</p>

<p>Calc from a B to C
Science from a B to C+...thats it.</p>

<p>I've heard that a lot of schools send those letters when you get 2 C's. Usually, the explanations are acceptable, and I hope yours are. Good luck, and be sure to let us know what happens.</p>

<p>hahah of course, if it doesnt work out the way i hope i guess i dont go to college for a year? hahaha</p>

<p>I almost got a D in Calc BC my senior year but I scraped by with a C- (A 4 on the AP test - I think my teacher was shocked as I was at the close bottom of the class). Everything worked out okay and I didn't get a letter, but I think it's because they already expected that I would be poor in math. I did take Math 11 (calculus) again in college and proved to myself that I could do it with an A- :)</p>

<p>They're not going to kick you out for two C's. I think they just want you to know they aren't happy about it and that you'll have to work harder at college.</p>

<p>i got two C's, no letter for me :D</p>

<p>i'm sure you won't get kicked out for two measley c's. just make up a good explanation.</p>

<p>haha i hope so as of now im collegeless i suppose. Im actually really afraid to find out because what if they overaccepted and need this as an excuse to give someone the axe!?? ahhaa idk . .. we'll see.</p>

<p>no pretty much depending my future upon this decision so its kinda stressful.</p>

<p>I got my advising program does that mean that most likely i wont get kicked out of the school?</p>

<p>I think it's time for you to give them a call.</p>

<p>They wont give me any info over the phone. they said i would get something in the mail by friday, didnt come friday, maybe tomoro....but im pretty worried haha...its either college or stranded.</p>

<p>I think the fact that they put you into an advising program is probably a good sign.
Your grade drop didn't sound all that severe-- from a B to a C?</p>

<p>Wait by the mailbox today and let us know as soon as you do.</p>

<p>Fingers crossed for you, Harry.</p>

<p>got the letter, everythings ok. thank god. thanks all.</p>

<p>Great news! Thanks for letting us know--I think we were all sure it would work out but were biting our nails anyway, thinking about what a tough time you were going through. Best of luck!</p>