Acceptance Stats

Starting this as my S just received his. 28 ACT, 3.5UW with a $12k annual scholarship

Congrats! My D is a junior but I think will have very similar stats. Where else did S apply and what state are you from?

From MA. Applied to Wake (denied), Houston and Tulsa (accept), waiting on FSU, UF, NC State, UCF, UMass, Texas A&M

I got in! Stats: Top 10%, 32 ACT (33 Superscore)

When do you find out about scholarships?

@snatchedsister You would have beend given merit in your acceptance letter. They also sent an email that FA awards would be sent out 1/25. My S has not received his yet

Has anyone recieved a physical acceptance letter yet?

No and they had said it would be sent 1/25

My daughter got in. We are in-state.

$22,000 annual scholarship.

Stats: 4.0 unweighted, 31 ACT.

Also got into to Oklahoma State University Honors College but don’t have the financial package yet.

We are waiting for LAC, Stanford and Ivy offers, which will offer significantly more money.

$12k scholarship and $15k in FA. Waiting on others for best deal