Acceptance Text

<p>I got a text from Loyola saying that I got accepted and giving me a link to a youtube video concerning my acceptance. Can anyone verify that Loyola would do something like this. I am a bit worried because I just got the confirmation that they received all of my stuff on December 5th and they said ti would take 5-6 weeks. Did I really get accepted or could it just be someone that knows I want to go to Loyola?</p>

<p>hi! i'm not sure about this year..but i had a friend who was accepted to loyola chicago last year, and i know they sent her a text letting her know about her acceptance too.</p>

<p>Yes! I got the same text and, just yesterday, received my acceptance letter. Do not worry, I am sure the university admissions would not lead you on. Good luck next year!</p>

<p>I am thinking about Loyola, depending on if I get accepted to my reach schools.</p>

<p>I just got my acceptance letter today in the mail. When you applied via their website there is a box you can check saying they can notify you via your mobile phone. I decided not to check it so they wouldn't have my personal information but they do notify you via text if you checked it on your application! Congrats!</p>