Acceptance Thread for Undergrad Class of ‘25 & Grad Class of '23

Congratulations! Doesn’t it feel so good? I feel like I can breathe again. I think I lost 10 lbs being stressed out. It isn’t just about the school, but also the realization that my daughter will be living somewhere else. I just can’t believe it’s happened so quickly. Def bittersweet.

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I know. We’re sending my son to the other side of the country. I already miss him.

I feel that deeply. I’ve shed more tears than I care to admit. She’s my youngest and I feel like I’m losing a big part of my life. It’s tough emotionally, but I’m so happy for her too. Bittersweet.

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Super happy for everyone - such a relief to have a decision, but I definitely get that bittersweet feeling with the youngest heading out next year!!!

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Finally! Decision day is over.
Happy to announce my D committed to Juilliard.
Now the fact that she is leaving is starting to sink in.