D got her first official acceptance, from Bradley. Interactive Media major, 25 ACT, 3.5 UW, 3.74 W GPA, got the Dean’s Scholarship. Need to see where else she gets accepted and what scholarships come before she chooses a school.

Late in replying, but congrats to your daughter, @poblob14 . One of my kids is in his 2nd year at Bradley and he really enjoys it. I feel like it has a very welcoming, friendly, laid-back atmosphere, and it was a good fit for my son. Good luck to your daughter with her college search/decisions!

Thanks, @bjdkin. They just sent us a letter saying they had raised her scholarship from the original amount; no idea why (we didn’t send any additional info). Maybe they heard they had slipped into fourth place with her . . . . :))

Congrats from here as well! S is a freshman at Bradley - it wasn’t even on his radar to begin with, and he thought his mind was made up, Then we visited Bradley and he decided that was the place for him. Their generosity with aid didn’t hurt either!

poblob, was the scholarship offer all merit, or need-based too? Can you share how much it was? Not sure if we should bother applying, but my son’s stats are almost identical to your daughter’s.

My son got the Dean’s scholarship 40k( merit) plus 16k for being out of state. Similar stats as well. It is an easy application with no essays. Just the common app. Worth applying. Very nice school.

If you go to the following link (or type: net price calculator in the search box on the Bradley site) you can access a calculator that helps you estimate the expected scholarship. My son got the Presidential Scholarship (merit) which is 13k a year. I seem to recall the threshold was a 27 or 28 ACT with 3.5/4.0. If you go to the calc you can input your son’s stats and see. We did not qualify for need-based aid, but I believe this calculator can give you that info as well.

@JessiesGirl, all merit. If only I could actually afford our EFC . . . :)) The original award was what we were predicting from the calculator.

It looks like Bradley is slipping in her rankings now, though. Even with the scholarship, it’s still the most expensive, and Peoria is “boring town where relatives live that’s slightly too close to home” in her estimation. Bradley’s been my favorite from the start, but I’m not the one going to school.

Peoria was one of the selling points for S - but his other top school was Valpo, and if you want to know what “in the middle of nowhere” means, try Valparaiso. Great school, but nothing near campus, nowhere to live off campus. S loves all the restaurants and coffee shops and thrift stores that are within walking distance of campus, as well as all that’s available at the Riverfront. He’s even driven to Chicago for concerts with groups of friends. He wanted to be somewhere with a lot to do but not in a huge city. But that’s what’s great about the number of colleges available - there should be something for everybody!

@poblob14 hey there! Congratulations! Would you mind inboxing me the amount she got first and how much it was increased- I realize that this is confidential info and I understand if you don’t want to share it! I was just wondering if there’s a chance of scholarship amounts increasing for everyone, or if it just happens in special cases. Thanks!

@sunflowergrower hey! I got into Bradley with the Dean’s scholarship as well - is it 10k per year for your son? I’m an international and the college does seem a little pricey for me, even with the $10k annual scholarship.

@poblob14 I’m not sure if I’m too late or not but I think your daughter will enjoy the Interactive Media Department and Bradley. The interactive department is pretty fun. You meet a bunch of different people and have a lot of opportunities to share your work. It can be stressful the first year but you’ll start to get into your groove.
I’m faaaaar from Illinois so my for time at Bradley was during orientation. The students are laid back and nice. There’s this awesome pizza shop down the street that is open til 3 am. Which is pretty awesome since I’m usually up late programing and drawing so I get a bit hungry.