<p>I know that the admissions board is supposed to begin meeting sometime in September, but I was wondering when they started making decisions. Around when do they normally begin sending out Letters of Assurance? And also, since most people don't get a letter of assurance, when do people normally find out about appointments? Thanks in advance.</p>



<p>The Admissions Board meets every Thursday, starting the last week of August.</p>

<p>According to the USNA catalog:</p>

We use a selection process known as “rolling admissions.” When all of your candidate packet forms are received, the Admissions Board will determine your scholastic “whole person” qualification. If your record of achievement is truly outstanding, you could receive an early offer called a Letter of Assurance. This indicates our intent to extend an Offer of Appointment, provided all your remaining requirements (nomination, CFA, and medical) are successfully completed. A Letter of Assurance could be received as early as September of your senior year. Of course, final admission will depend on continued success and good standing in your high school as well as continuing to maintain your qualifications for the Naval Academy.</p>

<p>If you are found scholastically qualified but do not receive a Letter of Assurance, you will be competing for an offer of appointment from within your nominating sources. Approximately 2,000 candidates are found fully qualified (scholastic, medical, physically (CFA), and have obtained a nomination). Of that number, about 1,500 will receive appointments and approximately 1,200 become midshipmen. Candidates will be notified as soon as possible of their status, and most will be notified by April 15. All appointees are required to notify the Admissions Office of their intention to accept or decline by May 1. (Except in very unusual circumstances, candidate files not completed by March 1 will not receive further consideration.)


<p>Thank you very much.</p>

<p>will they send you a letter if you don't get accepted?</p>

<p>Yes, they do. Unfortunately, I found that out the hard way. Hopefully I wont repeat this year. :-)</p>

<p>what do you mean mightyrooster?</p>

<p>and when do they send out those letters?</p>

<p>I originally applied for the class of 2009. I was tripled Q'd with a nomination, but didn’t get in. You do receive a letter if you don’t get it. I got mine right around April 15th I believe. But I don’t know if all the rejection letters go out at the same time.</p>

<p>like2bsailing....last year LOA's came out in September/Oct and those with presidential nominations were getting Appointments in November - or at least that's what was reported here. As Congressman/Senator's nominations came in..late fall and early winter....Appointment offers ( with or without LOA's) started arriving in December, January and on through I-Day, with the overwhelming majority coming with either a yes or no by April 15th. In our case - the Appointment came in mid-January.</p>

<p>Son's LOA in October, Congressional Nomination and Appointment came in late November.</p>

<p>Bottom line is that timing can vary based on many factors, some of which are out of your control.</p>