Acceptances 2014/2015?

Does the same go for unified auditions? (Finding out within one week?)


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For what it’s worth…Here was my son’’s timeline to CCM:


Feb 8th: Auditioned at the 2011 Unfieds in Chicago
Feb 10th: Received his “"Hold”" email
The week of Feb 27th (I forget the date): He was officially accepted w/preliminary scholarship offers.
March 10th-11th: Visited the campus to see the program
The week of March 14th: My son accepted the placement


There are no “tell’s”, “hints” or “indicators” that you may or may not be chosen other than a straight rejection. CCM will (if things hold true to form) make final decisions after all of the Unified Auditions.

In my son’s class case I do know that a group of men (6?) were accepted at both Michigan and CCM and all 6 went to Michigan (my son did not audition for Michigan.) That opened up those slots in April, so a few of his classmates got a later invite. I believe that is unusual and I would not wait around if you get a solid offer from a school high on your list.

Good Luck.

@ManVan I am trying to discern if those who get a Hold letter (as your son did) are in any better a position for acceptance than those who don’t hear anything – I am confused about this. Previous years’ threads sort of treated themselves as on hold and in the same category of likely acceptance as those who actually received the “HOLD” letters. Do you have any insight on that?

I am not a representative of CCM and I only know our experience and the experiences of those kids I personally know from his class and what he’s told me. My guess is that there may be a fraction of the students who get accepted early on (before Unifieds, maybe 1 or 2.) Then there is a bigger “Hold” group that is collected from the Fall through Unifieds (30+.) Then they extend offers to 25 hoping to yield 18-20. If the class drops below 18 they start offering to the rest of the “Hold” group. I think only then, if all that group is no longer considering CCM, that they dip into the “Not-on-hold-but-not-rejected” group. I don’t know if it ever comes to that. I know that MT17 had 24 students who accepted the CCM offers (which I think may surprised CCM.)

To specifically answer your question, I personally do not believe that the "Not-on-hold-but-not-rejected"group is the same as the “Hold” group. The “Hold” group is under serious consideration and will be admitted if the circumstances permit.

I’ve been analyzing this for some time (I have one graduating this year from CCM and another still in HS hoping to go there) and it is an inexact science.

In the casting world being put On Hold is completely different than hearing nothing. It would not make sense to send out the On Hold if it didn’t mean anything.

Does it actually say “hold” or does it say that they will need a few weeks to make decisions

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D’s message has a date of today (she auditioned at Unifieds) and says “To make an informed admissions decision, we must carefully review all relevant transcripts and supplemental materials; therefore, an admission decision can take three weeks or longer depending on the volume of applications received and your chosen program of study. We appreciate your patience!” Is this a “wait and see” message or a hold? SO stressful!

@gingersnap97 I have the exact same message and auditioned at Unifeds too! Was that part of the message here before or do you think it’d been added recently? Because I couldn’t remember if it had always been there or not

@gingersnap97 that message has been on my S “check my status page” since he applied in November . All other schools he applied to academically accepted separate from the MT acceptance, but CCM say it comes straight from them and that’s why nothing is updated until after you audition and a decision is made.

@attheballet I think it is new. The last my D checked, it said that her application was complete except for the audition. The message that is there now is dated today so I think it is updated. I am just not sure if that actually indicates anything like a “hold” or is truly just a placeholder until a decision is made.

“Hold” letters apparently come via email from Aubrey Berg.

Acceptances and Waitlists came via email last year. S’s waitlist email came from Diane Lala. So basically if an email comes from CCM don’t ignore it LOL

That message is old and means only what it says. It is dated the day you check every time you check

My daughter auditioned at NY Unifieds and she got an email today from Diane Lala that states that she is on hold. I Maybe there are 3 kinds of emails no, hold and non specific ones.

“Non specific” are not emails, they are a status in your “check my status account.” So far as I know, the only emails that are received are Yes (in theory, no one has apparently rec’d one yet this year-though I do not “know” this for a fact, this is Rumor I have heard) and Hold. Never heard of anyone receiving a “nonspecific email.” Though some apparently later may get a waitlist email.

@tramsmom “So far as I know, the only emails that are received are Yes” - since @my97MTbaby received an email stating she is on hold blows that theory ^#(^