Acceptances 2014/2015?

<p>Anyone been accepted yet?</p>


My S got a no. He auditioned 12/6.

Sorry @Laney14. I’ve heard no one has been accepted at this point.

The admissions officer that talked to parents/kids before the audition on 1/17 said they would hear this week. Haven’t heard anyone who has yet though.

@mommabears26 There have been “no” letters (in check my status) and there have been “HOLD” letters that have gone out via email. Hold letters inform students they are in the top 5% of auditioners and they will be filling their class from this group. Not a yes, but a strong maybe. They also said they were going to wait until after LA Unifieds to give final results. Which infers they may not be flat out accepting anyone until after LA Unifieds. But no way to know for sure. Be sure to login to check my status. It is possible you have a result. But hope for an email.

Will they have a wait list this year? Or just wait list the holds after offers have gone out?

I really do not know. They did not say. That won’t stop me from speculating: I tend to think IF they establish wait lists, they will come from the Hold pool. But I don’t think all of the Holds would turn to wait lists. Some of the Holds will turn to yes, some to no I would think once auditions are complete. They said at meeting they would take “about 25” to yield 18ish so maybe they don’t need to establish a wait list as they sort of have that built in. But if they do, I would think those too would come from the Hold Pool. I should add that nothing precludes them from accepting kids flat out either. Some kids may skip the hold and go straight to an admit. I just know that a Hold Pool has been established, and I’ve heard rumor that no one has been flat out accepted at this point. No way of knowing if the rumor is fact or fiction.

@Tramsmom - that make a lot more sense. I think many of the programs wait to see everyone, then decide.

My check my status page is blank, haven’t recieved a letter or email…what does this mean?

@itscindy. Don’t know for sure, but appears they have yet to decide if she is a yes, no or Hold. If it is a concern at this point, call the school. If it were me, I’d just hold tight for a week or so and keep checking.

For what its worth my S’s status never changed online last year. He received a waitlist email in early March and even at that point his online status never changed.

@MTMajorCook did CCM use the “HOLD” pool last year? I see they did it in 2012-2013, but doesnt appear to have happened last year?

I don’t remember honestly, I just remember looking up that status 600 times and it never changing :)) It may be none of “us” on CC received a hold last year or they’ve changed something.

Kids we know from last year say the holds came out about this same time last year, and the waitlists came Feb 21st. Hope someone finds that helpful?

My S is auditioning at CCM today. I met two moms a couple of weeks ago. Both of their daughters auditioned at CCM in Dec. One said she got a rejection 1 week and 2 days after audition. The other said she hasn’t heard anything as of that date.

Just spoke with husband who took S to audition. What was told the kids/parents was that they would send out letters on Tuesday saying Yes or No, “Check my status” would also update on Friday. If you do not get a definite Yes or No, you are on Hold until April. There are 66 auditioning today with about 15 of those male.

It’s strange because I didn’t get a “hold” email like others have but there’s nothing in my check my status. Just wondering where I’m at!

@Wozmom‌ that is exactly how it was last year for Dramatic Performance kids. Check my status stated definite Yes or definite No the week after Auditions (they say on Friday, but daughter had her yes on Tuesday) and if there is nothing you are still in the hold category until after all auditions are over. Hope everyone got o see The Moveable Feast last night. My poor daughter is recovering from stomach flu! :frowning:

@itscindy when did you audition? Maybe you should contact them if its been longer than a week.