Acceptances Early Action for 2016

Hey everyone, I was just looking to see when everyone starts getting their acceptances, I’ve been told that it should be any day now and the anticipation is killing me. ^:)^ Hopefully everyone here gets accepted!!

accepted! just received my email :slight_smile:

got accepted! i am international student though… and I didn’t see anything about scholarship…
So,if there is nothing about scholarship on the acceptance letter, am I not going to get one?
I haven’t got the email package yet…

i think the scholarship info is in the mailed package. i didn’t get any info either

Got deferred to regular admissions… Is there still hope for acceptance?

My daughter got in, too! They had told us at NPD that it would be January, so she was totally shocked and happy when she got the email.

What programs did you guys apply for? and what were your stats?


@Simon29640 What were your stats?

@extraposh GPA: 3.9, SAT: 1660, I have taken and currently am taking honors and AP clases, Varsity soccer and tennis player for my school (Tennis team captain), member of choir programs (mens choir co-president), Member of various other extra curricular activities.
I didn’t include my portolio in my application because it was waved, but I think that could be why i was deferred.

Update!! Just got accepted into the undergraduate program for architecture!

S got in to film, with a great merit scholarship. Still need to see about financial aid.

@Simon29640 Wait, so you got notified earlier even though you were deferred? I thought you’d be notified when Regular Decision comes out? Also, I have a 3.9 and 1660, but I submitted a portfolio so I really hope I get in! Pratt is my first choice, and I want nothing more than to study architecture at New York! How did you feel about your essay? Also, did you send a rec letter or resume or anything? Any other info would help me out?

@extraposh yea I was in class one day when I received the email with my acceptance, it was really weird but still great non the less. Having a 3.9 is a great G.P.A and your SAT score is fine. If you feel comfortable with your portfolio then you should get in without a problem. I sent two letters of recommendation from two of my teachers. I felt really good about my essay. I also feel that my resume that I sent included a great deal of extra curricular activities which could have also been a key point.