Has anyone heard news of any accepted students into CCM’s MT program?

@MTInformation -Yes, I have heard of several. I have also heard of “no’s”, “Holds” and a lot of the NY Unified auditioners have heard nothing at all.

Nice to know.

I’m still waiting to hear back. I assume no news is bad news in this case. I imagine they inform their accepted students ASAP.

Last year the ‘no’ came within a couple of days of the audition…

There are only 4 accepted students right now I believe and they are all from December and January on campus dates. No Unified acceptances have come out as far as I know but again, there have been some holds and nos, while others haven’t heard anything.

The office said for those with no result, “a decision has not been made yet” I’m assuming they have A LOT of videos to review from on campus auditions during unifieds weekend, and the videos from NY Unifieds since the whole faculty was not present for either. This can be good or bad! Idk.

Their final auditions for MT are this weekend so I definitely think things will pick up in the coming weeks

I attended the Chicago Unifieds and received a no the other day through the portal.

Glad to hear all this information. Guess it’s just the game of hurry up and wait.

CCM question: do you have to be admitted acedemically to the university first before they tell you your artistic decision?

You shouldn’t hear from the University, it’s a CCM decision. (At least that is what they state in their audition packet). That is why you don’t fill out a Univ. of Cincinnati application when you apply, but a CCM one. You do have to have all your academic ducks in a row to get an audition, but after that I believe it is all up to CCM.

Letters via portal do seem to be out! (For those from NYC Unifieds)

Got my acceptance letter today! Woohoo can’t believe it!!

Big congrats @MTInformation! So did you go from not hearing from them at all right to an acceptance? Or did you get a hold first ? My D, who auditioned at NY Unifieds, and then heard nothing just got a hold notification/letter today via portal, saying decisions would be released by March 1.

I had a strange case. I didn’t hear anything until this morning. This morning I went on my portal and got a “hold.” But then a couple of hours later I got an email saying I have been accepted. However my portal still says “hold” because they have to accept me academically.

And thank you for the congratulations! You should hear back very soon.

Wow, best possible kind of strange case! From nothing to everything in just one day. Good for you!

Has anyone been accepted from NY Unifieds?

Yes it was great! A bit of a roller coaster, but I’m not complaining!

There’s been acceptances from NY, Chicago, and on campus auditions as far as I know!

Just wondering if any other Theater Design & Production applicants are still waiting to hear back? My S interviewed in January and his online portal decision status is still “Audition Scheduled” (since November!) I know they have until April 1st to give a decision, but it’s hard not start worrying that he’s just somehow been forgotten…