My friend and I received our acceptances on October 21st after applying on October 13th for rolling admission. Just wanted to post this to anyone wondering how long it usually takes. Good luck to all of you and let me know if you’re in!

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Congratulations! My daughter got her acceptance today. Applied 10/7.

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Did the acceptance come in the mail or on the portal?

Has anyone else heard lately? Someone I know applied the first week of October and here we are two months later with still no answer…

Applied Nov01 and accepted Nov16.

DS applied on 10/25 and we haven’t heard anything yet, either.

I think they may be accepting the definite yeses while holding off on those they are on the fence about.

I assist various students with their applications and have two who applied. The one who has a high GPA, great rigor, and submitted a 1500 SAT score has been accepted. While the one who has a lower GPA, less rigor, and did not submit an SAT score has still not heard.