<p>Any early action decisions yet?</p>

<p>We are waiting too; hope to hear something very soon; good luck!</p>

<p>Looks like they are running behind schedule and the website now says that letters will be sent out at the end of Dec through mid Jan. Rats...was hoping we'd hear by the holidays. Good luck to you as well.</p>

<p>I wonder if they are behind because of so many applicants? That was one school we were fairly confident that we would hear from by the 15th!!! Just more stress waiting...</p>

<p>That was my thought as well....that there were more applicants than they anticipated. great......</p>

<p>My son got accepted today at WPI which is his 3rd choice so we'll see!</p>

<p>Where is WPI? Sorry! My S had admissions to West Virginia and Michigan State, so far. He's waiting on 4 more, including U Mass. For us, U Mass is only about 4 hours away (we're in S Jersey), so it has more appeal to him than WVU or MSU as far as distance goes.</p>

<p>Do you know if UMass will put decisions online? A lot of my friends have their dicisions online then wait for the letter to come in the mail. Umass is in my backyard, I can see it from my house, but I really want to go there! I applied Early for the business school.</p>

<p>bdwaymom- WPI, Worcester Polytechnic Institute is in Worcester Mass. I have family in WV and know that WVA is an awesome school! We live only 40 minutes from UMASS and my son has plenty of friends who attend there; they all love it. I'm just hoping they let us know soon; the waiting is driving me crazy!!</p>

<p>Wicki, I think they do post online but some kids just want to hear the traditional way and wait for the letter to come in the mail; not us. We want to know as soon as we can. Hope it's soon!! Good luck. We live close by too so my son has many friends who go there; it's a great school. He applied to the Engineering program!</p>

<p>When I spoke with admissions last week (which is when I found out that all decisions will be delayed), they said that it will be posted online first as well as being sent in the mail. I'm all for the finding out right away part and not waiting for the letter. MSU just posted a decision had been made and then it was another week before the letter came. Torture! My S applied for the sport management program in the school of business.</p>

<p>bdwaymom;when you called did they give any idea how long past the 15th the decisions would take? my son's friend applied last year and heard before the 15th so this is torture; we actually thought we'd hear from them first and we've heard from 2 other colleges first (WPI and Univ. of Hartford). I wonder how the e-mail reads: do they give away the decision in the subject line??</p>

<p>I'm relieved to see no one else has heard. My son was accepted to the music program there, but hasn't heard from the University. Fingers crossed.</p>

<p>No, they gave no time line, just said that they were running behind and online it now says end of Dec to mid Jan, so I'm thinking after Christmas to 1/15? You figure they are most likely off from 12/21 - 1/2 for winter break, so probably January would be my best guess. It does sound like they were overwhelmed by apps since they are so far behind.
Jazzmom - congrats on the music accetance...I'm an elementary general/choral teacher. Where else did he audition?</p>

<p>The lady told me that the first wave of acceptances comes out monday-friday of this coming week.</p>

<p>Wicki, thanks for the info; let's all keep our fingers crossed....I was hoping they wouldn't wait too long. We'd love to have all our decisions in by Xmas so S and us can relax!!! Good luck!</p>

<p>bdwaymom, UMass was my son's first audition. He has all the major jazz conservatory programs to audition for coming up in the next couple of months. Though he has always pictured himself at a conservatory, I think he loved the feeling of UMass's music department and it's so great to know that he has this traditional college (hopefully) should he choose to go that route. I think students can audition at the other consortium colleges for their ensembles, too, which is a great benefit to the program at UMass.</p>

<p>we went through the audition process with our D 5 years ago for musical theater programs. She chose Penn State and absolutely loved having the conservatory feel in her BFA MT program (only 10 in her class) while going to a university with over 40,000. It's a very trying time waiting on college acceptances and when you throw the auditioning part in the mix....I feel for you! I did it nyself a hundred years ago and then again with our D. It's exciting and nerve wrackign at once. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Is Umass your Sons and Daughters first choice? If so, what programs do they want to get into? Also, do you know their GPA's and Test scores, I'm just curious to see how my stats are compared to theres.</p>

<p>Hi Wicki, it is my son's 2nd choice even though it is practicaly in our backyard! He is going into Engineering. His GPA is 3.6; SAT's Math 690, CR-580. He has alot of EC's and a great essay so we'll see!</p>