accepted 09

<p>My D is in and will likely do an overnight in Feb and truely I hope she falls in love with the school</p>

<p>is she going to do the scholarship competition? Son has signed up for the math test.</p>

<p>yes she did sign up. She put down Bio, Creative Writing and one other that I can't remember right now as her preferences. Hey I understand your username now!</p>

<p>Linfield called us and asked us to have the GC and Teacher recs and transcripts faxed so he would be eligible. Which we did, however, I am wondering, do they then decide if they will accept him BEFORE he would be offered the test? If he had not applied for the scholarship competition, he would not be hearing of his acceptance or rejection until after that competition (I <em>think</em> but I could have my dates wrong - WAAAAY too many apps under the bridge)</p>

<p>Maybe we'll meet up down at Linfield.</p>

<p>I don't think they decide before they send you the invite but like you I am fuzzy on application details at this point so don't listen to me :) </p>

<p>Meeting you at Linfield or Carroll would be fun!</p>

<p>ahh linfield linfield linfield. my fathers girlfriend's (soon to be wife, whom was a professor at a state university) son went to linfield and is now a lawyer. this school comes recommended.. a tier 1 school in the west etc.. applying etc.</p>

<p>Good Luck Pumpkin Octopus!</p>

<p>DD was just informed that she has been selected for Scholarship Weekend! Yeah!!!!!</p>

<p>Great news! Our son was accepted and awarded a very generous Trustee Scholarship. He needs to find out if he should still participate in the Competetive Scholarship testing. Either way, we'll visit the school the same weekend as the testing is scheduled.</p>

<p>husk82 we'll see you there!</p>

<p>Definitely participate in the scholarship weekend if you're able; that is scholarship money above and beyond whatever your initial aid package provides, and it's renewable for four years provided you maintain a decent GPA. I graduated '07, if anyone wants to shoot me questions about the school in general- I did pretty much everything.</p>