Accepted and GOING to BoCo?

<p>heyy! all of you who are planning on going to BoCo next year leave your name, major, and AIM!</p>

Musical Theater

<p>I'm almost positive I'll be going there</p>

Music Theatre


<p>yo! i definetly haven't posted on here before...but i'm also going to boco for musical theatre. </p>

Musical Theatre

<p>do you know of anyone who may be going to the Vocal Choral Institute for high school students? I'm trying to hook up with another girl so that my D can get an email friendship going before July. </p>


<p>Bump and can CollegeMom merge the two maybe? Thank you!</p>

<p>I'm not going to merge here because this thread was a stand alone topic of finding out last spring, amongst that crop of applicants, asking who would be going to BOCO in the fall. The new thread is more of an "info. about BOCO" thread. I'd like to keep that one 'about BOCO'. This thread is not needed for that.
Thanks for your looking out for the forum, though.</p>

<p>Makes sense. </p>

<p>I do wish however that we could have an alphabetized listing of the schools under MT like the general school thread does so that all the topics that are specific to a particular school could be found more easily. Especially since abreviations that are short like NYU don't always yield search results. But then I am an anal organized person [my D clearly did not get her free-spirited creative streak from me :)]</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>I agree with Believersmom...there must be a way to do this?</p>

<p>HI everyone,</p>

<p>I've read the above request. I can ask the "powers that be" at CC about this. I can't promise anything because they may say that it creates too many forums but I am going to see if there may be a way to do it like they do for the alphabetical listings for colleges (not talking of the Ivy forums which have their own forums listed on the main page which I know they won't be able to do). But maybe there is a way to have one forum listed there that just says "Alphabetical list of MT colleges" and then when you click on that, have "sub forums". I'll ask. </p>

<p>The MT forum gets LOTS of readers and posters and is a very active forum. As many know, it really is the only resource of this kind on this topic on the internet and many find it valuable. So, I'll push and make that point.:)</p>

<p>I'll let you all know when I know.

<p>UR the Best!!! Thank you!!!</p>