Accepted at AU -2015

Anyone else this year?

just got an acceptance letter in the mail today!

Congratulations! Eldest daughter is an AU grad 2013 (Art and Design) and youngest daughter is currently at AU as a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Women/Gender studies. Her BF of 5 years is a renewable materials engineering student there. Any questions, feel free to ask!

how has your art & design daughter fared post Alfred? my daughter is accepted at Alfred and Vermont - wants to major in Studio Art, wondering whether a double major is possible since Art projects can be time intensive

We know a few that have double majored. Most with education, but also business,engineering and Music or Theater. Daughter minored in Art History.
No it’s not easy, especially with Foundations year, but it is do-able. What made my daughter finally choose AU was the fantastic glass department. She concentrated on painting/neon/glassblowing.
She is currently working in a job that lets her save money for a move to a major city, mainly due to the lack of neon facilities in our small area. She has had works in shows, most recently in Virginia. The majority of her friends are working in the art field.

Anyone attended or planning to go to an accepted students day at Alfred? My Daughter is thinking about making final visits to the 3 schools she is accepted for. Wondering how much more they can cover than in a regular visit. Guess it will help her feel good about the decision, either way.

Friends of my DD that is at AU now said they decided on AU at Accepted Students Day, if that makes any difference to you.
My daughter is an overnight host, so if your DD decides on an overnight at the later Apri date, maybe she’ll be with Hanna,lol

Daughter got a personal call from the new AU President (Zupan). He doesn’t even start until July 1st. Glad to see they are working hard to ensure a good freshman class. Anyone else gotten a call? I googled the announcement - he’s coming down from U of Rochester. Sounds like a good hire on paper at least.

@spiffyiscool - what attracted your daughter to the psychology and women/gender studies at Alfred? And how does she like it? Wondering if Alfred will prepare my daughter for job placement or graduate school after graduation.

It’s funny, when our other daughter attended AU for Art and Design (graduated 2013) Hanna said she’d never go to a college like AU. Fast forward to her junior year of HS. She attended a college fair and noticed AU. The admissions rep, Kathy Torrey, remembered Hanna, asked how Devon was, then said “OK, now let’s talk about YOU. What are you looking for in a college?” She was so impressed. When we went to tour AU everyone pretended her sister never went there, so Hanna got the full treatment, which was good, because we never really knew much about the College of Liberal Arts part of AU. The Judson Leadership Center made an impression on her, as did the fact that AU has a grad program. Her final decision was made that AU has different tracks she could do with Psychology-her concentration is clinical/counseling.
The very generous financial aid certainly helped us, as our cost ended up the same as a state school she was looking at.
She loves it at Alfred, and was accepted into the Women’s Leadership Academy this year, one of only 11 chosen.
If you have any specific questions, please PM me, and I can have Hanna get in touch with you.

Thank you for your response @spiffyiscool - very helpful!