Accepted at both UCSD and San Diego State, where should I go?

I have a decision to make, I hear lots of things about both colleges, good and bad. I feel like the class sizes might be smaller at SDSU and the professors might be easier to access, is this true?

Is UCSD worth the extra $7,000 per year?

I am majoring in biology, any input about these two schools will be helpful.

I doubt the class sizes would be smaller at SDSU.

As for the extra money…do you qualify for a Cal Grant? If so, there wouldn’t be an extra cost.

What is your EFC? Do you qualify for any UC grants?

What is your plan with Bio? I would think that as a bio major, a UC would be better.

since I want to be a doctor.

The UCs are the premed schools.

Ok, and no I don’t think I qualify for the cal grant, I submitted the fafsa, how do I check if I qualify?

And yes I do want to be a doctor then eventually apply to the FBI and become a special agent.

I can’t really answer the value question without knowing what $7000 means to you and your family, but if it’s not onerous, then UCSD is a far superior school by virtually all metrics (no slam on State intended!).


Is UCSD worth the extra $7,000 per year?


Considering you’re planning on going to med school, yes.

Visit both.
I personally know of several students who did the SDSU route to become physicians. They needed to maintain high GPA’s and had good career advice from their “pre-med” advisors.

With UCSD, “everyone” wants to be an MD and everyone is majoring in Bio.

Visit both campuses.

What is your EFC? Did you submit FAFSA?

Do you qualify for a Cal Grant? If so, then it wouldn’t cost more.

Not sure about San Diego state, but my friend goes to UCSD rn and she loves it! she is always out and surfing during the weekends and always at the beach. I think UCSD is worth it bc u will be surrounded by a completely diff crowd that will shape ur college experience. Also, UCSD has a lot better of a name. This is VERY important when applying to jobs.

that being said if u plan on going to graduate school, maybe San Diego would be better bc it saves u money. The u could go to a better graduate school and splurge there.

UCSD will give you a lot of research opportunities if you seek them out. There are hospitals to volunteer at and doctors to shadow on campus. The bio department is also considered one of the best in the world.