Accepted - but not into major - help!

<p>S received acceptance letter but didn't get into Architecture major. The have 90 slots only - not even going to do a waiting list. Anyone have any experience regarding just how difficult it would be to get into the major once there?</p>

<p>Pretty difficult. From what I've heard it's as hard or harder to get in as a transfer as it is regularly. I wouldn't count on coming here and transferring into Architecture.</p>


<p>I am happy your son was accepted, but sad he didn't get into CAUS like he wanted to. I will tell you that I have a friend whose son went to USC (South Carolina) for his freshman year and transferred to VT (he is in state) , majored in architecture and graduated in 5 (more years). He didn't transfer much of anything from USC and VT still required him to do the 5 yr. BArch program so he was in school for 6 years (much to his mom and dad's dismay). So it can be done. This kid was super smart and went to USC in the honors program as a visual arts type major.</p>

<p>I think that with 90 slots, kids who think they want to go into Architecture at VT should go the ED route if they can. Our s is so thankful that he changed his original RD app to ED. He probably would have had the same results (and we are in state) as yours had he not. Maybe your guy can contact someone in that department with questions about the possibility of transferring in. They are all so nice and welcoming up there. Our s has emailed a couple of professors with questions and they get back to him within the day. Couldn't hurt.</p>

<p>I have a friend who got into CAUS and is turning it down. How can they not have a waitlist. I'm sure there a few of the CAUS accepted people who go elsewhere.</p>

<p>They can just take transfers for the people who turn it down.</p>

<p>Thanks to all who replied to my original message. Just in case there are any lurkers in the same spot, I'll share what I learned when I spoke with someone in CAUS about this. Each year they receive around 70-100 requests for transfers into the major and they accept about 20-25. She emphasized that these are all estimates and there is no way of course to know for sure how many will try to transfer and how many spots they will have available. There are a series of steps involved toward the transfer and if you are successful you would start your 2nd year at Tech as a first year student in the program. Given the risk involved, I am thankful S is beginning to get excited about other options. </p>

<p>Congrats and best wishes again to all you going to Tech!</p>

<p>i got accepted, but i don't know if i will go to VT.</p>

<p>i have a changing majors question too though. how hard is it to change majors to aerospace or mechanical engineering once i am there?</p>

<p>Architecture: You have to take a year of classes, and apply in the Spring of your freshman year to get in. If you get into the program, you have to take a summer curriculum (pretty much just first year studio). If you pass that, then you'll be nearly caught up by the time your second year rolls around. Keep in mind, however, that architecture students are expected to stay for 5 years, and then they're required to intern for the next three.</p>

<p>As far as Engineering, the process is not quite as involved, but it's not easy. You have to do your first semester, then apply to the Engineering school during the Spring. Granted, as a student in the college of Sciences, you can take all the same classes as Engineers except their specific engineering courses. I'm a math major and all my math/science classes have been with all engineers. When you get accepted, that lets you sign up for the Engineering 1004 or whatever the # is, and that class is notorious for being a "weed out" class. It requires major time requirements for seemingly stupid stuff (like format and such). Most kids that transfer take that in their first summer so they can catch up, especially if they came into Tech with some credits from AP classes. Engineering is also a 5 year program for 99% of kids (especially if you're not going to take summer classes)</p>

<p>Hopefully this was somewhat informative...</p>