accepted but worried bout scholarships...?

<p>hey, i've seen ppl that have gotten a fullride to morehouse n dats wats up. i've also been accepted to morehouse but i need scholarship money to go and i really want to attend cause its my #1 dream school. anyways, the admissions director there told me to retake my ACT in february to raise my score to be considered for academic schoalrships. I got a 27 and my best friend got a full tution scholarship with a 27 and 3.4gpa. Its the same for me, i got a 27 and 3.5gpa btu since i took my updated ACT score so close to notification time and the academic funds are at first come first serve basis, its not for sure if i will get it. ALL IN ALL, i jus wanted to ask yall when u took ur SAT score and do u think i'll get a scholarship even tho i updated my score a little late in february. the rep there said i could get a scholarship but i wanna b sure cause i wanna go so bad lol...sry bout da long message but yea...</p>