Accepted! Class of '17 (HS Class of 2013)

<p>My son rec'd his letter today, and a 20K/year merit scholarship (the latter was quite unexpected) ! He had applied EA on Oct 1, and the school submitted all his info on Oct 20. </p>

<p>We have yet to visit the school, but that dough is enticing enough to plan one...</p>

<p>My D was accepted at OWU as well. 22K scholarship, honors program and an invitation to compete for the Schubert Scholars. :slight_smile: OWU is tied for her number one favorite school so we are very excited for her! </p>

<p>Congrats to your son!</p>

<p>And to your daughter, also! That’s fantastic. How will she be competing for the Shubert Scholarship? Just curious. Is that interviews, or tests, or more essays or what? I don’t think my son was invited to do that at his level of merit aid. We are still thrilled about it.</p>

<p>What does your daughter like about the school (besides them showing her the $$$)?</p>

<p>Yay, daughter of HL! Great news. NOTHING like getting that first acceptance!</p>

<p>Got my acceptance letter a few days ago. 22k+ merit scholarship, honors program, etc etc. I guess I don’t feel so special now, but I feel like my stats are strong enough that I’d have a good shot at applying upwards. OWU is my safety, but it’s a damn fine safety to have.</p>

<p>I received my acceptance today as well. $22.5k Schubert Scholarship and a chance to go to the Schubert Scholars Competition.
I still have to pay about 20k every year though, right?
It’s a great safety to have. :)</p>

<p>Sorry, I’ve somehow missed this thread for a while. </p>

<p>@Jane345- We got a really wonderful feeling about the school when we were visiting. The students seemed happy, well adjusted and friendly. The tour guide was relaxed, intelligent and was able to answer questions we posed to her about a variety of topics honestly. After the tour, we decided to stay overnight in the area and asked if my D could stay and see a class. They allowed us to choose one in her interest and called the professor right there on the spot. She did attend the class the following day and found in very interesting. She did not see kids slacking off and using their phones. She liked the opportunities to travel abroad in their program (that I can’t remember the name of right now- theory to practice?) where you propose an idea of something you want to study and then, if approved, you are given the funds to go do it. I asked how many kids actually get to DO this that want to, thinking it would be some incredibly small number, and was shocked when it was well over half.</p>

<p>I think for a kid who has a lot of self initiative and drive, there would be a lot of really good opportunities to shine at OWU. </p>

<p>Schubert Scholars competition involves an interview and writing an essay in a timed, proctored room, from what I understand. She is going in February.</p>

<p>DS accepted with $18k/yr renewable scholarship. Anyone going to the Celebration of Excellence? We hadn’t visited before, so think we will try this and also go see College of Wooster while we are out there.</p>

<p>I got my letter of acceptance to OWU a week ago, and got the Schubert Honors Scholarship a couple of days back. As happy as I am, I am really worried about the competition. I mean, should I prepare for it, and how should I do that? It would be wonderful news if I can get the full tuition scholarship, but I don’t know what I am going to face. It feels like I’m heading to the unknown. Can anyone help please?</p>

<p>I read on another thread that the competition will involve a proctored, timed essay along with interviews. DS, even though accepted and with a $20k scholarship, is not interested enough to go this extra step. However, we have not visited yet so he also has not had a chance to see what a great school it is :)</p>