Accepted Class of 2016

<p>Hey this is a thread for anyone who has been accepted or is hoping to be accepted for DU 2016. I applied in early December and was accepted... I am still waiting to make a decision my intended major is Political Science. I don't know abut you guys but hands down I think Dominican has one of the best admissions offices. Out of all 10 of the schools I applied to DU was completely on the ball. </p>

Middlebury College
Santa Clara
Notre Dame De Namur
Settle University
University of Portland
American University
Mills College
And DU</p>

<p>I was accepted with a scholarship. Is it a good school, haha? I don't know anything about it.</p>

<p>I got accepted with scholarship as well. I'm planning to visit the school because I'm not too familiar with the location, neighborhood, etc.</p>

<p>um there was an admitted day open house today!
I didn't go.
Its such a small school......I don't think I would go.
But good job!!!!!</p>

<p>hey i was accepted to dominican but i dont know anyone going there and there is like no facebook page so i can meet the other admitted students of 2016</p>

<p>There should be a facebook page up. I attended the admitted student and decided I would not be attending. It's a great school but just not the right fit for me. I must say that their admissions staff are incredibly, sincere, genuine, dedicated, and speedy.I sat in on the learning styles class which is from the teaching program. I don't want to be a teacher, but am interested in education. The class was well taught, and the information was ....well informative. My only complaint was that there were only two students in the class so it wasn;t really an accurate display of what everyday class is like. The Provost spoke and I was incredibly impressed with what she had to say. All in all it's a wonderful school, a little on the expensive side but really and truly if you have a good gpa and SAT or ACT scores they are generous with the schollys.</p>

<p>I was also accepted and I will be going to Dominican. I will also be a political science major :)</p>