Accepted class of 2020

Didn’t seem to have one yet so, welcome! Anyone considering or for sure going after getting accepted?

I was accepted more than a month ago to their nursing program.
I received a $23,000 renewable Trustee Scholarship at the time of acceptance and was offered to apply for their honors program.
I received a letter today indicating my acceptance to their honors program along with a $2,000 scholarship.
The total cost will be around $35,000 per year now and I will have to contact their financial aid office of how much I am able to receive.

I am kind of hesitant about going to Dominican because I have actually never heard of this university until senior year when I was told that their nursing program is pretty good. In addition, my stats seem to be along the top 10% of their applicants and I don’t want to go to a university that fails to challenge me with other like minded competitive individuals.

I am waiting for a response from USF nursing and have already been admitted into SDSU nursing.

@jyao729 Congrats! I am also still waiting for USF.

I only heard of Dominican through my dentist (haha), and after hearing that they had a nursing program, I decided to apply. I got a $20,000 scholarship, which I am very thankful for. I visited their campus a couple of weeks ago, it’s small and quiet, surrounded by a residential area. 10-15 minutes away from the city if I calculated that correctly. Though very pretty, it honestly isn’t my type of campus. However, I do appreciate how caring their admissions office is. I have been admitted into SJSU and SFSU’s prenursing program, however it takes 5 years (if lucky) to finish nursing in those colleges. So Dominican is really my only other choice after USF, unless some miracle happens and I get into this selective nursing program. But at this point, I do not know where I will be going because each school has its pros and cons…

Are you planning on visiting anytime soon?

@dessan55 Both of my friends who applied to USF for nursing early decision were admitted and their grades & test scores weren’t quite extraordinary. My friend received a packet in the mail today from USF and she was accepted in to their environmental science program, so we should be receiving an answer soon.

I will probably not plan on visiting because although their offer is tempting, I think my choices will probably come down to SDSU & USF which definitely surpass Dominican in terms of nursing academics and preparation.

@jyao729 Do you know how competitive USF’s nursing program is? Congrats by the way for SDSU.

@dessan55 I’m not sure about the facts and competitiveness. From what I’ve heard, I think they have a pretty high acceptance rate for their program, but many students switch majors, transfer, or flunk out because the curriculum is too hard and the graduating class ends up being quite small. However, I can’t confirm any of that and it’s just what I have on the top of my head.

Anyone know what student life is like at Dominican University?

Yeah I would definitely like to know what student life is like at Dominican! Lots of social life? More of a studious vibe with students? Parties? etc