ACCEPTED Columbia Class of 2017

<p>Maybe it's a little early, but I figured we should start a thread and perhaps a FaceBook group of everyone who has been accepted to Columbia and is definitely attending. I just got my Early Decision acceptance to Fu!</p>

<p>ED acceptance to Columbia College! What are you all most looking forward to?? Can’t wait to meet you all!</p>

<p>There’s already a facebook group for 2017 created by the university. (Don’t worry, they don’t monitor what you write in there… lots of posts about boozing last year, haha.) You should join that one.</p>

<p>Hahah I know, I just found out about it! But thank you</p>

<p>Im gonna post in here just to get my post count to 15 so I can PM</p>

<p>post number 1</p>

<p>post number 2</p>

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<p>Columbia College!!</p>