Accepted for Fall class of 2025

Top 10 Knight so we knew it was coming, but still exciting to have one under her belt!

My OOS daughter was accepted today, applied as Hospitality Management! So Thrilled!!!

My S21 OOS was accepted today as well! Hoping for Honors College but have to wait for application in the mail.

YAY! Go Knights! Charge On!

Welcome aboard!

@lintwo2go. If you haven’t received the honors application yet, you can request it from this link.

They sent us an email with the forms in 1-2 days after our request.

My daughter was accepted today for Fall 2021!

Here is some info for those interested:
She applied on 9/22 using the UCF application
Completed the SPARK on 9/23
SAT & AP scores were sent previously and were on her myUCF account on 9/23.
The portal still shows that her transcripts haven’t been received, but they were sent via mail on 9/1 and electronically from her school on 9/22 so the dashboard might just be slow in updating.

Her stats: 1330 SAT, 4.61 weighted GPA, 3.96 unweighted GPA. 9 AP classes, 4 dual enrollment classes.

The transcripts will be shown as not received until after she graduates from HS and the FINAL transcripts are received. No big deal; she’s IN!

As time goes by, she will begin to get “To Do’s” and “Holds” on her account. Most of those are for online classes she will have to take regarding all sorts of UCF policies. Again, no big deal, but have her stay on top of them because she will get more classes added as Summer 2021 comes around.

I would apply for housing ASAP if she’s going to stay in dorms. Also apply for Honors if she’s interested. Honors seems to have a lot to do with who gets in-person courses, and it also includes housing preferences that many don’t know about.

And finally, I believe this year’s FAFSA opens up today. You need to do a new one each year for scholarship availability.

There is also an option for appeal of your FAFSA status if your income changes or you think it has been miscalculated. For example, my wife just retired in May, so our income dropped considerably but that would not be reflected in our 2019 tax returns. You can appeal situations like that, which probably affect many families in these times of Covid.

Do you have to accept admission before you’re considered for scholarship? Also, does anyone know when scholarships are awarded?

Yes that’s a good list. Also the Bright Futures application opened up today, 10/1. She went ahead and applied so that’s off the list too. :smile:

We tried to apply for housing, but since she was just accepted it’s not letting us just yet.

She will definitely be checking all of her “to-dos.” Her mom’s a UCF alumni and a high school guidance counselor so she will stay on top of her!

I think you will receive an email from Housing when she can apply. Should just be a day or two.

@jinsun2000 no, you do not need to accept admissions to be eligible for scholarships. For the last several years, the first round of scholarship notification was sent out in early December.

@SolsticeUCFAlum Housing will open up at the end of October. I think my son’s contract date was 10/23 last year and he applied the first day available. You do not have to have accepted admission to apply for housing. If you decide to not go to UCF, you will lose $100 of the housing deposit.

[quote="vannevka;c- If you decide to not go to UCF, you will lose $100 of the housing deposit.

I have a son who started UCF in 2019 and given the competition for housing I’d say it’s well worth it if your child is serious about UCF to risk the $100 deposit.

Agree. If you scroll down to some threads from just a couple of months ago, you’ll see a lot of discussion about admissions and housing waitlists. You might have to go to page 2.

This fall, as the difficulties with Covid became apparent and most students got switched to online classes, a LOT of people bailed out of their housing acceptances. So many canceled, in fact, that UCF reopened housing applications and advertised a no-waitlist opportunity.

Despite that, lots of dorm rooms are empty or almost empty. A friend’s daughter is alone in an Honors Tower 3 apartment because her other roommates just stayed home.

THIS Fall, many of those students will be applying for dorms again, in addition to the entering freshmen – so I expect dorm availability to go away very quickly.

I’ve been checking every day and it says that the housing portal is not open yet for students attending Summer/Fall 2021. The FAQ section says that it opens in November, but if your son’s contract date was 10/23 last year then perhaps it opens up sooner. My daughter wants to get into Lake Claire because of the kitchens (she’s a vegan) and it’s very close to where her classes will be. :slight_smile:

Yes, in a couple weeks, start checking it each day. It opened last year before it was announced. However, if you are applying within the first week or so, you should have an appointment to pick a room the first day and she’ll be able to get Lake Claire.

Things could also be delayed this year due to Covid. I think a number of students who dropped out of their housing contract and stayed home are looking to get a room in spring. So that whole application/allocation might delay opening apps for next year.

For Lake Claire, an early application is critical. My daughter’s friend also wanted Lake Claire, but he did not follow the advice to apply early, and he lost out.

With Academic Year contracts, you apply and get approved, but you have no idea which dorm complex you will be in. MUCH later, they open up selection and that goes by first-come, first-served, so an early application is really the key.

Early applicants get Lake Claire; late folks get whatever is left over.

Our friend wanted Lake Claire, but he ended up in Libra in a shared bedroom – purely because he didn’t apply early.

Two questions: How long did it take your child for their SPARK to register to admissions office, and how much longer did they have to wait for a decision after the SPARK had been processed?

It only took about 2 days for the SPARK to register with the admissions office and then the admission decision was less than a week later.

@FinnyBx. This is from my S21 portal. " -Please allow 3-7 business days processing time for electronic receipt of a document, including a Spark form". His was pretty quick within 1-2 days. After all the documents are received with the exception of the AP scores, he was accepted within 2-3 days.

Another question on timing: has anyone applied via Common App? And if so, how long did it take for UCF to send an email acknowledging receipt and sending the link to the SPARK form? UCF downloaded my D21’s app on October 1, but still no response. I seem to recall the Common App takes a little longer for them to process, but just wondering when we can expect a response?