Accepted for Spring Semester! Can i spend fall semester abroad?

<p>I am excited to be in to UMD College Park. Unfortunately i was only admitted for the Spring Semester, and waitlisted for fall (Probably not going to happen). I see they have freshman connection thing but i wanted to know if it's possible to do a Semester Abroad for the fall semester.</p>

<p>Same! And yeah, the letter says "you may spend the fall traveling," but still, you're gonna have to make up the credits! Omg UMD was such a reach and I di not thunk I was gonna get in! I can't believe it, even if it is spring. So I'm going to Israel for the first semester.</p>

<p>Im hoping that i can do a travel abroad through UMD or a good institution so that i can still fulfill my CORE credits during Fall Semister! Congrats by the way!!</p>

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<p>Yea, same here. I heard that UMCP occasionally will contact you later on and offer you fall admission but idk if it's likely. Is Freshmen Connection basically like being admitted to fall other than the fact that you live off campus and take different timed classes? What about community college? Spring admissions have first pick for dorms but it's going to be difficult adjusting :(</p>

<p>Yeah but when you think about it, we will be with other spring admits who also don't know anyone,!!,! And I don't think that fresh connection and fall are that alike, but idk! Congrats as well!</p>

<p>I know many people who were admitted for spring during their freshman year. I'm a junior at UMD now. If you're really itching to get to CP, then enroll in freshman connection, but there's no real reason why you shouldn't just go to community college, get some of your harder classes out of the way (at a community college where they're easier) and save your parents some money. Freshman connection classes are typically in the evening, and by enrolling in freshman connection, you are permanently ending any chances of living on campus.</p>

<p>I am accepted for January as well. If you enroll in freshman connection why are you permanently ending any chances of living on campus?</p>

<p>Greggles, call reslife (301) 314 -2100 and ask. I'm actually not sure if I'm correct. They're constantly changing on campus housing eligibility rules.</p>

<p>you definitely can!! i went to maryland marquee day and they did a presentation on it where freshman go abroad for the fall and the credits usually transfer over too :)</p>

<p>@umdterps Uh... what? Everywhere else I've heard that you can move into campus housing when you start spring semester. And how would that prevent you from staying on campus sophomore year?</p>

<p>YES you can spend it abroad, I was accepted for fall admission but to be honest im jealous of those who can study abroad! there is also something called "freshman connection", you definitely should research into it.</p>

<p>Freshman Connection is for Spring Admits to study on campus during the fall. They do this by living off campus and going to night classes. It seems like a good way for kids to get credits but it is also smart by the school because they are filling up night classes that would probably usually only be small commuter classes. (More $$$, it's smart the way they market it) Anyway, it is a great opportunity for some, but it's not for me. I am excited that this may get me an extra semester abroad, but i'm kinda bummed to miss that "1st semester freshman experience". LOL, i'm waitlisted so maybe i won't. Only time will tell.</p>

<p>My son entered UMD as a 2009 Fall freshmen connection student, and he is currently in his 2nd semester of his Junior year. The program was quite successful for him! He adjusted beautifully and has really excelled in UMD. If you have any questions I can help you answer them</p>

<p>You can receive housing for the spring semester, the only problem we ran into is most of the apartment complexes require you to sign a 10 month lease. My son lived at the Towers where there were at least a hundred Freshmen Connection Students!! So he stayed there for his whole first year and loved it!!</p>