Accepted for the Class of 2010

<p>accepted VIP in January :)</p>

<p>VIP last week :)</p>

<p>vip 3 months ago</p>

<p>I got accepted today. Have they been giving generous financial aid?</p>

<p>i got accepted today as well</p>

<p>Can you guys give some info re your stats? What is the VIP application? My son is interested for next year. Heard that they got a huge increase in applications this year.</p>

<p>1200 sat, 25 act, 4.8 gpa....# 1 public school in Illinois...amazing essays and recs and extra curriculars...
I didnt even complete the application fully and was execpted through not completing i mean I did not send the test scores and dont remember sending recs...I did the application, i think it was VIP in about 10 min..</p>

<p>massmom-- college admission is more competitive than ever... there are more kids applying and individual kids applying to more schools. i applied to UVM as a saftey and I know a LOT of other people who did the same. I have a 3.5 UW gpa, 2010 SAT I, 640 Lit, 640 US History, good extracurriculars, good recommendations, the usual story. The VIP app, which I applied with, is an application form that UVM sends its students online that is much simpler than the normal app. The fee is waived, no extra essay is necessary, and most of the information is already filled out for you on the app when you get it. It's quite nice! Good luck to your son next year! Feel free to send me a private message with any questions you might have; I've been wholly consumed by the college process and must confess that I have become somewhat of an expert!</p>

<p>how many of you actually plan on going?</p>

<p>I probably wont end up going</p>

<p>i got the presidential schoolership of 3000 a year...what a way in hell unless they pay at least half for me</p>

<p>I got in to UVM regular amission my sat were 1090 and my unweighted gpa was a 88, I did a couple sports too</p>

<p>they didn't give me much, so i won't be going. i got in VIP in november, though.</p>

<p>pres. scholarship, 1,000 a year. i think it's a joke. prob. wont end up going.</p>

<p>I'm considering going, Im flying up from texas for the weekend of april 15</p>

<p>anyone hear anything new about the waitlist?</p>

<p>I got accepted with the VIP application. They gave me $20,000 in scholarships and $16,000 in loans. The total came to $36,000 but it only costs $34,000 including room and board, tuition, books, and personal expenses.</p>

<p>havnet heard anything...did you send a deposit to another school?</p>

<p>yes i sent a deposit to bowdoin college and took my name off the waitlist yesterday. i hope you are able to get off the waitlist!</p>

<p>i sent a deposit to umass but im gonna stay on the wait list and if i get in i'm definatly going to go</p>