Accepted: How long did it take you...?

<p>to receive your acceptance notice?
When did you apply?
And, what are your stats? (if you want to say)</p>

<p>applied 9/3
accepted 9/28(ish)</p>

Ranked 1/450
SAT 2270 (700CR, 770M, 800WR)
Varsity Track and XC Captain, NHS Secretary</p>

<p>Notified of Honors in early November
Notified of Scholarship today
Presidential Scholar to SAS, Engineering, and Pharmacy</p>

<p>Applied Oct. 27th
Still waiting.</p>

<p>still waiting. applied oct 26. sats. 1600. gpa 3.9</p>

<p>applied 11/29 or 11/30
accepted 12/8
ACT 31</p>

<p>I applied Nov 1st, but I didn't include my senior year schedule until I fixed my SRAR on Nov 20th, so I have no idea whether I'm still up for EA or RD. It says they've had all of my materials since Nov 1st, so whatever.</p>

<p>3.5 GPA
2170 SAT
And still waiting =/</p>

<p>Applied late Oct. Accepted Dec 8. 23 ACT</p>

<p>23 ACT!? and you got accepted? what are you stats? ^</p>

<p>Why does getting a 23 make me stupid or something?</p>

<p>Mawuena13, he's asking because his stats are similar and so are mine. We both have not heard back and we are freaking out.</p>

<p>yeah it was nothing against you. I am very intelligent and only received a 24 ACT ( not a good test taker )</p>

<p>Hu pan:/
[I hope you understood that Harsh, LOL]</p>

<p>Aw well I got a 23, 3.1 gpa, 4.4 weighted, 32 out of 288, NHS and all that good stuff</p>

<p>i have 24 ACT, 3.83 GPA on 4.0 weighted, 13/230 NHS, top 10% still not accepted</p>

<p>Finally! Got accepted into SAS and SEBS
ACT: 24
SAT: 1530
GPA: 3.83
Rank: Top 10%</p>

<p>I JUST GOT ADMITTED! FINALLY the wait is over! SAS and SEBS both at New Brunswick SAT:1890 GPA:84(dont know what that is on 4.0 scale). They received everything on Decemeber 7th btw.</p>

<p>It took about 3 weeks for me. Accepted into the pharmacy program yesterday.</p>

<p>Congrats to everyone who was accepted!!
I'm still waiting on my response... I applied Nov. 30 and everything was accepted Dec. 7th so I guess I won't hear for awhile :/</p>