Accepted into Berkeley TAP and have to submit my transfer application in 5 months this fall, yet my Berkeley representative does not respond to my contacts?


I was accepted into the Berkeley TAP program as a transfer student at community college last month, but after an initial Zoom meeting detailing the program, my Berkeley representative did not reach out or contact me on the next steps to take.

I sent him an email and then a subsequent follow-up after receiving no automated response confirming I’m in the program, but he only responded with a quick paragraph that said I’m in the program.

I’m worried because I have to submit my application by the deadline in 5 months in order to transfer next year but still have not received info on any events/workshops TAP students regularly go to.

I sent a brief email right after his reply saying that I had a few more questions and wanted a quick sub 30-min meeting to get answers but after 1 week he has still not responded. I don’t want to annoy him so I’m reluctant to set up a Zoom meeting through the system or call and email him further.

Can any Berkeley people or TAP students chime in and help if you’re here? Did you experience the same type of thing when you were accepted? Did you go to any events/workshops at all or did you only recieve help as the application deadline was getting closer.

Thanks for any and all advice!

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