Accepted into NYIT BS DO Program

Hey guys,

I got into the NYIT BS DO program. I am committed to medicine, and I have applied to quite a few BS DOs, and this is one of the ones that is closest to me.

I wanted to know about the process. After receiving my acceptance letter, when is the interview? Is there an interview? Will they notify me?

If there is an interview, is it hard? How is it? Is it one on one?

How is the program itself? Is it hard to pass? I have taken AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics 1, and I have gotten an A in all of those courses. I did great on the AP exams, and I consider to be a pretty strong science student. My ACT is really good, and I have done great in high school.

So, for me, would it be able to maintain that GPA? How is the interview at the end of the three years at NYIT? Is it hard? Would I be able to go the NYIT COM?

Thanks guys!

I applied also, but not really planning on going. See, if you did that well in High School, with some effort, you have the ability to go to a better undergrad institution to best have a chance of getting into an MD school. Locking yourself into a DO school this early on in the process locks you out of many medical specialties. However, if you are scared you won’t do well in undergrad, and are okay going primary medicine, then sure, take it. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of DO’s specialize, I know 3 who did. But the percentages of those who go primary care is higher.

One quick question: When did you get your acceptance? I’ve had radio silence so far.

I don’t believe there is any interview. If they accepted you, they did so based on your application.

I just got my acceptance this morning! Yes, I mainly want to go into primary care, so I am for DO as well.

Congratulations. Would you mind PMing me your stats and month of application? I am considering that next year. Thanks in advance.

hi do you mind sharing your stats so i can apply next year im a junior in high school.

@seemasp @nashsidd

My stats:

ACT (one-sitting): 34
Superscore: 35
Top 6% of class
Unweighted: 4.0 out of 4.0

SAT Bio: 770
SAT Chem: 780
SAT Math Level 2: 800

AP Biology: 4
AP Physics 1: 4
AP Chemistry: 5

@SBSapphire When did you receive your notification from NYIT’s BS/DO Program? And was there any interview or did you just have to submit one essay about why you are interested in the program (did you send that essay through common app)?

@behappy101 Early December; No interview, yes just one essay; I submitted through the NYIT portal app.

Thank you! I have also applied and recently submitted my essay. @SBSapphire

I found out recently that I got accepted into NYIT’s BS/DO Program. Did anyone else hear back and did u all decide on whether you all are going there for their program?

I found out during December I believe. I am debating to go because I also applied to other ba/md programs and waiting on some responses. I also applied to other schools waiting for their response. I feel myself going to NYIT however because it’s the safest bet to become a doctor if that’s truly your passion Yeah, I am also waiting to hear back from a few universities, but I may most likely go to NYIT for the BS/DO Program.

Hey Guys, I’m probably going as well! Any of ya’ll going to the Preview Day on April 6th, would love to meet some future classmates

also was thinking of making a facebook group

@yer123 I just saw this! I was there for NYIT’s preview day, but I am not sure if we met.

Does the program offer only 7-year option? Would prefer 4+4.

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