Accepted last year, want to transfer...

<p>This may be a dumb question, I'm not sure...
I was accepted as a freshman to Tulane for this school year, but chose to attend Southwestern University instead. I'm not liking it, and I want to transfer - if I was accepted last year, I should be accepted again, right? I'm just worried that their standards may have raised, perhaps more kids are applying now that a year has passed since the hurricane, I'm really worried....</p>

<p>Also, how do Vanderbilt and Tulane compare in selectivity?</p>

<p>I'm quite certain they wont hold it against you if you chose Southwestern over Tulane last year</p>

<p>Also, Vanderbilt's harder to get into than Tulane, both in undergrad and transfer admissions</p>

<p>Finally, be sure to review the scholarships that may be avaiable for Tulane traansfer applicants</p>