Accepted! Now what?

<p>I was accepted about a month ago, I know a little late telling you, but what do I do now, I need your guys opinion. I applied to both FSU and UCF also but I got waitlisted at UCF and deferred from FSU until March. I'm looking at majoring in engineering right now (not sure on what kind yet). My top choice is UCF (mainly for its location). But, USF would be good because I live in Pinellas County so I'm close. But as it stands, I think I'm going to go with USF.</p>

<p>So, if I do wait to apply for housing until March/April would I still have a chance for Poplar/Juniper Halls? Also, anyone know what the average financial aid is? Here's my stats if you need them:</p>

<p>SAT: 1070 (530R, 540M, 610W)
ACT: 26
UW GPA: 3.2
W GPA: 3.88
75 hours volunteer hours, so I have Bright Futures...</p>

<p>From my understanding, waiting that long would keep you from getting Poplar (Juniper is ALL Honors now). I emailed the man in charge of assignments back in December and he emailed back saying:
"If you are asking about the fall, the I would say no later than mid-February to get into Poplar. If you are an honor student, you have a little more time to qualify for Juniper, but not much more."</p>

<p>Based on a booklet I received in the mail about a week ago, the average financial aid is $9,030. So far I have received $14,000 over 4 years ($3500 a year, $1750 a semester), that is just my merit aid though, not including non-merit, financial aid or grants. My stats are a lil higher than yours though:
SAT: 1210 (600R, 610M, 530W)
ACT: 29
UW GPA: 3.35
W GPA: 3.76
113 hours volunteer hours</p>

<p>The amount of volunteer hours you have will get you the Bright Futures Medallion level which is $76 a credit hour. USF's cost per credit hour however is like $150 or more i believe. Make sure to apply to your college within USF for scholarships. Like for the College of Business (mine) theres a link about other scholarships for those students. There might be one for the College of Engineering.</p>

<p>Hope I helped, even though this message got really long haha.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. Other then Juniper/Poplar, what are the next best dorms? Also, I'm going to attend the College of Engineering, which I believe, gives me some sort of rank to get into Juniper/Polar? Atleast that's what I thought I read.</p>

<p>I picked Juniper-Poplar, Cypress A, and Castor/Beta in that order.
JP: because it's the best one to me
Cypress A: because it's the next nicest suite style that allows freshman
Castor/Beta: because even though they're community style bathroom they're still nicer than Andros dorms (Delta, Kappa, etc)
Yep, College of Engineering has a floor for their students, but I believe they only have 102 spaces so the actual application for that should be submitted soon seeing as UF just gave decisions and people are now going to be flocking the other FL schools (FSU,UCF,USF,etc)</p>

<p>Cypress A is all girls though so if you're a guy then that ones out lol</p>

<p>I'm going to apply for Poplar. Is there a section where I designate I'm in the College of Engineering or do they take that into consideration already?</p>

<p>Under housing choices, there will be a section right before where you choose the residence halls that says something like LLC choices. You put Engineering under there, and Poplar under the next section and whatever other places you want to be in case you don't get in. Then you go to this site Engineering</a> Living & Learning Community and fill out the application for the actual LLC.</p>

<p>Can anyone help me, im an international student and ive been accepted into usf but i only applied in hope of a scholarship (which i made very clear when filling out the application form) nd they said how i wouldnt know whether or not ive got a scholarship or if i have how much i will be given, until closer to the start the semester. I also wont be receiving any financial aid from faffsa because im international so i rlly dnt know what to do and the money their asking for me to show is ALOT. Any suggestions on what to do? I hope they dont turn people down if they cnt meet that requirement.</p>

<p>Hey, you do know that bright futures now requires 100 hours of community service and at least a 28 ACT? Unless you're looking towards the one that does not give full scholarship, then I'm pretty sure you're fine.</p>