Accepted offer April 29 - Supplemental Housing?

<p>I accepted my offer on the 29th of April. What are the chances that I'll be placed in supplemental housing? I requested East as my first choice, and put down 2 engineering SLOs as options also, but I put location as my highest preference ranking.</p>

<p>Is there anything I should do or request to try and avoid getting assigned to supplemental housing? or did I accept too late and its just inevitable...</p>

<p>I was wondering the same thing. I know what supplemental is but is it located in East?</p>

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<p>Unfortunately, there is a pretty good chance that you'll end up in supplemental housing. My son's friend waited until the very last day to accept his offer, but then he and another friend requested each other as roommates. The roommate accepted his offer well before the deadline so they were not assigned to supplemental. You could try this if you know someone willing to room with you that sent their deposit in earlier. I don't know if requesting a SLO will help you or not.
My daughter was in Pollock Halls 5 years ago and they had the tv lounge on her floor set up as supplemental housing then, so I don't think it's just in East Halls.</p>

<p>Supplemental housing is in most's basically housing that is in the study halls on each floor.</p>

<p>I think a lot of people pay their deposit just to make sure they have housing, and then decide not to go to Penn State, so accepting close to the deadline does not mean you will absolutely be placed there. Some of it may be where you request to be ultimately placed. S's friend accepted offer of admission in December and was placed in it! I don't think anyone really knows the "secret formula" for sure....</p>