Accepted Pepperdine Transfers for Fall 2020

This discussion is for accepted transfers looking for other accepted transfers! Look forward to meeting you guys!

Hi guys, my name is Max and I am a transfer student for the Fall of 2020. I am a male and hope to find a roommate! If anyone is looking let me know. My IG is @Maxles1999

@Maxles1999 Where were you planning on living? Did you receive any housing information yet?

@octransfer2020 I don’t know yet, I do know that you are required to live on campus for the first year. Now, I don’t know if transfers have designated housing or if we are kinda “free for all.” Have you accepted your admission yet? (i.e. made the 750 deposit)

@Maxles1999 No I have not yet. Truthfully Pepperdine is about 4th on my list, so although enticing with price and everything I am not going to conclude my decision until I hear from the remainder of my schools. Unfortunately this means I will be placing the deposit by the deadline, and ultimately if I do not attend, I will just have to absorb that cost. But in saying that, I truly love Pepperdine and would have no issue going there.

If I do go there I would love to get a single, although they are ultimately the most competitive housing option (on campus).