Accepted Rd!

<p>In the mail today. Don't freak out it's a small envelop. Merit and FA will follow.</p>

Nice warning to others about the "small" envelope.</p>

<p>Congrats! D is really enthusiastic about the 'Berg. Thanks for the small envelope tip-off; that'll save a moment of panic!</p>

<p>D was accepted. Yes, it is a small letter, but it does say "you're in" on the outside! It says that financial aid will follow, but no offer or mention of merit aid. Did anyone get any merit aid in their letter? D was previously sent a letter that said she would receive an art scholarship, but no mention of that in this acceptance letter. She also auditioned for a music and theatre scholarship and wrote an essay for the Dana Associates award....again no mention of that. My initial assumption upon reading the acceptance is that she wasn't awarded merit aid (since it is not discussed at all.) If that is not the case, it should have been clearer in the letter (just my two cents.)</p>

<p>As I recall, from three "long" years ago, my now Junior D, received information in her ED acceptance about the Pres Scholarship award.
Perhaps, things have changed, or may be different during RD round, so don't take my info as the final word on this. </p>

<p>Congrats on acceptance, and hope you do hear good news regarding the rest.</p>

<p>Nothing in my D's mail today, NJ, Applied 1/8. Will have to wait for Monday's mail, hopefully.</p>

<p>Congratulations! Muhlenberg seems like a great school. My D is anxious to hear as well. Applicantmum77, do you think you will say yes? Have you stayed overnight?</p>

<p>I spoke with someone in admissions yesterday and she said that decisions were mailed ether yesterday or thursday and to expect them by tuesday at latest (im from northern nj about 1hr 15ish away). is anyone that heard from jersey?</p>

<p>My friends daughter just found out she was accepted today. She said there were over 4,800 applications for 575 spots.</p>

<p>^ Wow, I'm glad I changed my application to ED at the (very) last minute!</p>

<p>My acceptance letter said nothing whatsoever about scholarships or anything; I got a letter about a week later saying I was awarded an academic excellence scholarship or something. So don't worry if there's nothing in the actual acceptance letter about money.</p>

4,00 aps for 575 spots, how many acceptances is that? 1,200? </p>

We are in Morris County also 1.25 hrs away, no letter yet.</p>

<p>Probably more like 1800-1900 acceptances to yield 575:</p>

<p>U-CAN:</a> Muhlenberg College :: Page 1</p>

<p>No letter today in New England.</p>

<p>D has been accepted!!! I am so proud of her!!! Congratulations to everyone as well!!!</p>

<p>I got accepted!!! I'm from New Jersey in Middlesex County. I'm about an hour and twenty minutes away.</p>

<p>Accepted too! 55 minutes away... Now, waiting to hear for any financial aid or merit scholarships. Anybody know when this will get sent out?</p>


<p>In answer to your question, my older D is a junior at the Berg, so yes D#2 has stayed overnight, but has not attended classes there. Don't know if she will attend, depends on merit money. It's a great school but we have to consider finances.</p>

<p>To all those wondering about merit money, when my older D got accepted to the Berg, 3 years ago, her merit money came later, from the FA dept. It was in a big envelop with other info about the school. I'm thinking they are doing it the same way this year because D#2 received a letter from the art dept over a month ago informing her she will receive an art scholarship and there is no mention of it in the acceptance letter.</p>

<p>thx again; this forum is great. we still have yet to hear from 5 other schools but muhlenberg is at the top 'o the list! and we're in!!!</p>

<p>I still don't have my letter yet. I am from Maine.
Has anyone from New England received their letters yet?</p>

<p>Congrats to all the accepted students. We're in Maine, too, and D received her acceptance in today's mail. She was flying!! Sometimes the same mailing can arrive on different days; hope you'll hear tomorrow, svw!</p>

<p>Thanks MarathonMan88. I hope so too, I can't wait anymore.</p>